An overview of CCR in England

Charismatic Renewal in England at a glance

One of the tasks of the English National Service Committee is to exercise a 'watching brief'. We try to read the signs of the times and listen and discern what the Spirit is doing in our nation. In the late 1990's there was a clear word from the Lord asking us to 'serve the Church'. In response to this, we began to put many of the resources of the Renewal at the service of the Church. So, for example, the GoodNews Magazine adopted a strap line reflecting this mission and the resources produced through Catholic Evangelisation Services began to impact and equip the mainstream Church.

Consequently, twenty years on, Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR) in England looks a little different to other countries. Generally we saw a gradual decline in the number of prayer groups. This happened in some other countries mainly due to people growing old. In England this initially happened because people became busy with other things, ie they were serving the Church.

The legacy of all this is that there are so many initiatives and ministries in the Church in England that have been pioneered and are maintained by people in CCR. We have a network of charismatic chaplains, teachers, youth workers, musicians, diocesan and parish workers. Indeed there are so many areas of Church life which have been initiated or influenced through the grace of CCR.  

The Picture Today

Today people involved in CCR in England are mainly fed through participating in the various conferences and perhaps by a local prayer group or regular gathering. The main expressions of CCR in England are;

Annual Conferences- the two largest being

The ‘CELEBRATE family conference' which usually happens at Easter in Ilfracombe in Devon. Then throughout the year there are regional Celebrate weekends which provide an opportunity to invite people who have never experienced a conference of this nature.

The 'New Dawn in the Church' conference which also is family orientated. This is held during the first week of August at the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham in Norfolk.

There are other conferences including, Birmingham, the Northern Conference, Campers Renewal, Harvesters men's conference etc

For details of many of these, visit our events pages.

Regional Events - These include Days of Renewal, Celebrate Weekends, 2nd Saturdays, CCR retreats, Days for Reflection etc

Specific Ministry Events - Healing Masses/workshops etc, Charism Schools, Intercession Groups, Evangelisation programmes and activities, Leadership training etc

CCR Communities - There are several communities birthed in and serving CCR these include; Chemin Neuf , Cor et Lumen Christi, Emmaus Family of Prayer, House of the Open Door, Sion Community etc

Youth Ministry and Young People's Events - these include, Evangelisation programmes, Discipleship training courses, Student ministries, prayer groups and fellowships

Prayer groups/Cell groups/House groups/Community gatherings - There are groups that meet regularly for prayer, support, teaching and fellowship.

International Groups - We are blessed by several Charismatic groups and communities from overseas who are now serving CCR in England.