Food For Thought

Readers of the CCR website will probably be familiar with Good News magazine, a regular publication featuring articles and news about the current moves of the Holy Spirit in the Church. The Food for Thought column seeks to summarise the various prophetic words and pictures that have been received by CCR across the country to see if there is a common theme to focus on and engage with together. CCR is opening up a new page on the website so that the full wording of the prophecies referred to in the column can be available for everyone to engage with.

We suggest that we receive them by reading, reflecting and praying about these words, particularly on those aspects drawn to our attention by the Holy Spirit- maybe a phrase, a sentence or a thought.

Our hope is that we will all be blessed and encouraged in our walk with the Lord Jesus Christ, both as individuals and as a Church community.

Below are the words from the most recent issue of Good News- November-December 2019/January 2020. For a list of the full prophetic words, visit this page.

Maureen Goldsmith, Good News Editorial Team

November-December 2019/January 2020: “I am calling you to a new beginning.”

Several interesting prophetic words have been received in the last two months. One was a word of chastisement reminding us that as even as the Lord’s people we can “leave him aside.” As a result we can “waste away” instead of having the Lord’s help to live a life full of “grace and truth”.

All the other prophecies  encourage us to turn towards the Lord. He is waiting to equip us with more love, power and faith! He is calling us to a new beginning, and to move on new paths in His power and light.

“I am calling you to step out of your comfort zone and come to me walking on the water. Keep your gaze firmly on me, looking neither to left or to right as I light up your path.” 

In this picture,  many people responded by  scrambling out of their little boats,  and, “as the light of his radiance lit up the waters in front of them they began walking towards him with lifted arms singing and shouting their praises and praying ‘more love, more power, more faith.’”

In the same prophecy, the Lord highlighted Acts 4:23-31- “The believers prayer”, the second time recently that this prayer has been underlined. Powerful leaders were stacked against the early  believers. They prayed for help. The house shook and they went on to build communities of radical love and faith. We are encouraged  to pray this prayer in  our own uncertain times.

In another prophecy, Habbakuk prays about  the violence and injustices of his day. God tells him: “Look around at the nations. Look and be amazed. For I am doing something in your own day, something you wouldn’t believe, even if someone told you about it.” (Habakkuk 1:1-5)

No matter what the state of the world looks like, the Lord promises that He’s in charge, encouraging us to keep our gaze on Him and seek out what He is doing, to give us hope and direction.

The Celebrate Sailing Mission gives us a prophetic lesson: “The rudder (Holy Spirit) guides the boat, but it can’t do its job unless the boat actually starts to move. We need to start to move in any direction. Then Lord will guide us in the way we need to go.” Moving can be difficult. The above picture of many people scrambling out of their little boats is encouraging because the love and power of God overcomes our weaknesses and fears.

“Don’t be afraid for I am with you. Don’t be discouraged for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you;  I will hold you up with my victorious right hand." (Isaiah 41:10)