You have no more power - come to me!

Author: Michelle Moran

You have no more power - come to me!

ICCRS Prophetic Consultation, Bethlehem

Michelle Moran reports on the ICCRS meeting of 160 key leaders from all around the world that gathered in Bethlehem (14th-18th November 2013) to hear from the Lord at this strategic time in the history of CCR on the journey towards the Golden Jubilee in 2017.

In the opening address I focussed on Deut 11:14 and Joel 2:23: “He will give the rain for your land in due season… the early and the latter rain.” And explained that in biblical lands the early rain (the autumn rain) is what makes seeds germinate; the latter rain (the spring rain) brings in the harvest. In the early years of the Renewal we had the “early rain.” But now we are in the time between the two.

We are not in the latter rain yet, because we are not moving in the power of the Spirit strategically, healing the sick, doing miracles, reaching out to the poor, evangelizing in power. There is a need for repentance, because we have at times fallen into the trap of just wanting to entertain people, of settling for the comfortable. It is time to prepare people to go out, because the Spirit is going to bring us into the harvest in a way we’ve never seen before—a massive harvest. Apparently, with every sentence I spoke, Mary Healy, chair of the ICCRS Doctrinal Commission, was amazed, because although we had not talked about my topic, it corresponded point by point with what the Lord had put on her heart to say during her talk on the third day.

Prophetic Listening

On the first evening it seemed that the Lord needed to speak to each of us personally before he could lead us forward in His ways. There were a number of words about the call to holiness, a strong reminder of his deep personal love for each of us and quite a strong word about immorality in our midst and the need to purify ourselves because we are temples of the Holy Spirit.

A Breakthrough Moment

It was not long after 3pm, the hour of Divine Mercy, when on Friday 15th November darkness descended on Bethlehem due to an electricity failure. In obedience to the programme we came together in our darkened meeting room. With no light, microphones, amplification, translation system, what could we do? Mary Healy reminded us prophetically of the famous Duquesne, retreat in 1967 when there was a problem with the plumbing and they had no water. So they all began to pray for water. The Lord answered their prayer but not only did the plumbing get fixed, floods of living water poured down from heaven and so began the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. Mary shared that this was the early rain. She said; “now we’re at a different time. The fact that we’ve lost electric power today has prophetic significance. Just as back then they prayed for water and the Lord gave water from heaven, so now we have to pray for power, and the Lord is going to give us power from on high. We have to lean into this moment, pay attention to what the Holy Spirit is telling us symbolically and ask for power with great confidence.”

After a time of anointed praise and worship in the dark, my husband Peter brought the large olive wood cross that had been on the back wall into our midst. Then in the darkness, we worshiped the One who is the Light of the World who stepped down into darkness in the holy place of Bethlehem where we were gathered. Everyone was bowing before Jesus and acknowledging His Lordship in a deeper way. Then, with the cross raised in our midst and mindful of the word ‘when I am lifted up I will draw all people to myself’, Oreste Pesare (the director of the ICCRS office in Rome) stepped forward and said; “The Lord has truly given us a word for the Charismatic Renewal,’ you have no more power... come to me.” Then in the midst of the darkness, suddenly and dramatically, boom! The lights came on with full power. All we could do was just absorb the moment each in our own way. Some were crying, some repentant, some lying prostrate on the floor but everyone certain that the Lord was in our midst in power.

Without Me you can do nothing!

As the Cross was replaced on the wall we declared “He is Lord, He is Lord He is risen from the dead and He is Lord”. There was a response in faith as people came forward to the cross to simply make their own silent prayer. We sang ‘Bow down and worship the Lord’. During this time there were several words given. We heard the Lord no longer calling us “His servants” but calling us “His friends”. He said ‘I gave power back to you because you bowed down on your knees. I do not want to have a gifted CCR or gifted leaders I want a humble CCR with humble leaders. I can switch off power and light and you can do nothing. I gave you a sign to remind you that without me you cannot do anything. As you acknowledge my Lordship and bow down on your knees in worship I will give power to you.’

After this, we were prophetically invited to take off our shoes: “My people, you have taken off your shoes in my holy presence. One shoe is the shoe of pride. The other is fear and insecurity. There is no place for pride, because all that you do is totally dependent on me. And there is no place for fear and insecurity, because all that you do is totally dependent on me. When you go forth, you will go forth in power. You will not need to be afraid, because it is my power.”

Together in the Cenacle

On our final day we prophetically set out together for Jerusalem. We visited a number of holy sites but the highlight of the day was another move of the Spirit. We were unsure as to whether we would be able to actually ‘gather’ in the Upper Room as normally the groups just pass through. So tentatively we assembled and began to pray quietly until all the group arrived. Then, taking courage, we started singing and the praise got louder. Apparently at one point the officials entered the room to see what was happening. As they came in they were stopped in their tracks and after a few moments they withdrew and left us to it. So we managed to pray together loud and long for more than an hour in the very place where the Holy Spirit was first poured out on the infant Church.

There were a number of very powerful prophetic words, including this from Bruce Yocum; the Lord says, “I have poured out my Spirit abundantly, and I will continue to pour it out. I will pour out my Spirit generously, lavishly, continuously until even the hardened hearts are softened and the wasteland becomes fertile. This I promise, that I shall pour out my Spirit continuously until I bring about through my Spirit the renewal that I intend.”

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