Prophetic Words

These words are compiled by Maureen Goldsmith from Good News  magazine's editorial team. Below is a full text of prophetic words, some of which appeared in the Food For Thought column in the November/December 2019-January 2020 edition of Good News. 

“it shall be known among my people that I wish them well, that all I wish for them is that they would know me and love me more that anything or anyone else.
The situation is, however, that they don’t, they leave me aside, wasting away when I could be helping them to live the life I choose for them, full of grace and truth.”
 “I saw many small sailing boats bobbing on the ocean breeze as the wind began to blow, whipping up the waves into white horses. Suddenly the horizon darkened as clouds began rolling in warning of a storm brewing, then came great cracks of thunder as fiery bolts of lightning streaked through the skies. As I watched I saw the dark clouds parting as rays of the most brilliant white light appeared from heaven. In this light I could just make out the image of a man. He had his arms outstretched and was radiant in pulsing light.
Then I heard a voice in my spirit say to me. “Do not be afraid my children, I have heard your prayers and now is the time for more faith and more power. I am calling to you to step out of your comfort zone and come to me walking on the water. Keep your gaze firmly on me, looking neither to the right, nor to the left as I light up your path”. In my spirit I saw many people scramble out of their little boats and as the light of his radiance lit up the waters in front of them they began walking towards him with lifted arms singing and shouting out their praises and praying, ‘more love, more power, more faith’. Then he said to me, “I am calling my people to step out of their comfort zone and step into radical faith”.
I felt an almost overpowering presence of love and power as he gave me this picture. For several days beforehand the Holy Spirit has been whispering to me, “Come out of your comfort zone” and “radical faith,” over and over again!
He then highlighted the scripture passage Acts 4: 23-31 “the believers’ prayer” where it talks about the nations raging and the kings of the earth plotting against the Lord and his anointed. This seems very relevant to what is happening today. Then he said,
I have heard your prayers for more faith and more power and they have touched my heart. In these days “I will enable you to speak my word with great boldness. You will stretch out your hands to heal and perform miraculous signs and wonders in my name.” (Acts: 29-30)
For our part we just have to believe, praise God and step out into waters of radical faith in the Holy Spirit and he will do the rest!”
Habakkuk 1:1-5 especially v 5
"Be amazed, be astounded .For I am doing something in your own days which you will not believe if you are told of it "
I am waiting, I am here, my voice is calling, can you not here it, this is the Way come follow, my Spirit is gracing your land, Emmanuel, bring peace,   growth and response to the need around you.
Have courage, stand up, look around you, I am here, open your eyes and ears, step out and answer my call, I am calling you to a new beginning, a new Renewal, I am calling you to surrender to me, proclaim the Good News, witness to what I have done for you, remember the times you felt one with me and re- member yourself to me again.
Open your eyes, see the promise, and begin. Do not worry, enter into my heart and leave all other worries behind. Take me with you as you go. Celebrate, come together, be one, let us begin, my word will be fulfilled, have faith, move beyond earthly distractions, see anew, hear anew, lift up your hands and claim freedom. Take my love, my Word, to all you meet, take it to my Church. Gather in my name and witness to what I am doing, believe in what I am doing- you may not see it now, but come with me and we will journey together to victory. Be my gift to others, freely decide to walk with me; I will take care of you. My Word stands forever.
I am your God, I hold your hand, I am your redeemer, do you believe it? Do not be afraid. I open the eyes of the blind, I set you free, I have called and appointed you to watch for my coming, to watch over my people, to serve, to love, to come out of the darkness into the light; to walk with me. Not all will be easy, it was not for me, follow me and you will find life. WE are moving forward to a new place- all that is gone before is past- my victory is close, I am bringing new things to light, we are beginning a new season, I will show you, lead you; trust me, lean on me, wake up, a new dawn is breaking, make room for all.
Gather, come together, walk together, this is not a time to be alone, it is time to bring my Body to life, my covenant to all, peace and healing to all, to bring my people home.
I will guide, I will feed, I will strengthen, I will refresh you- you will do the building; lift up your eyes, look around you, can you see the light, you are not alone, you are anointed for this in my Spirit, to proclaim the freedom you have received to others, by allowing my light to refract through you, displaying your call, your gifting, your Ministry- Your Mission- to proclaim the Good News , set my people free, take no rest till all come together. Do not be afraid, I am with you, I am sending you, I have called you- you are free to choose to come or not. Stand up-choose me, choose life- I am waiting.

Follow the way of love and eagerly desire the gifts of the Spirit-especially prophecy.

-1 Corinthians 14:1

St Paul places strongest emphasis on prophecy as the charism that is especially efficacious in building up the Church. Prophecy is speech inspired by the Spirit, communicating a message that is not one's own but comes from God.

-Baptism in the Holy Spirit, International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services Doctrinal Commission, p49