What is the NSC?

The English National Service Committee (NSC) is the principal co-ordinating organisation of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR) in England.

We seek to be open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit in both our discussion and activities, and keep in close contact with the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales, primarily through our Episcopal Adviosr, Archbishop Kevin McDonald.

Members of the NSC work to maintain close relationships with the various expressions of CCR in England. We have a special concern for retaining faithfulness to the Catholic Church amongst these various expressions, but we also maintain links and connections with other Christian denominations and netowrks.

The NSC is formed of around twelve members, and meets three times per year, with regular working group meetings. The current Chair of the NSC is Michelle Moran, and the current Vice-Chair is Jenny Baker.

Our Three Themes

In the run up to the International Golden Jubilee of CCR in 2017, three themes are especially reflected in our prayer, discussions and activity:

- Firestarters: how do we encourage and equip more people to experience Baptism in the Holy Spirit?

- Fanning the Flame: how do we help those who have experienced CCR to live out the fulness of their charismatic identity in a mature and holistic way?

- Spreading the Fire: how do we serve the Church and engage with wider society more effectively to help transform our world?

The NSC is supported and enabled by a charitable trust for Charismatic Renewal in England and Wales (CREW Trust), registered charity number 277425.

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Areas for which the NSC are particularly responsible include:

  • Provision of a local and national directory of CCR activity.
  • Organisation of occasional national / regional meetings and conferences.
  • A series of leadership training events within CCR.
  • Linking with the international expression of CCR on a UK/Ireland, European and Global basis.
  • The support of Network, the youth expression of the NSC.
  • The promotion of CaFE and the wider work of Catholic Evangelisation Services.
  • Contacts with the hierarchy of the Catholic Church in England and Wales.
  • Publication of the GoodNews Magazine.
  • Publication of this website.