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... From the Goodnews archives, September/October 2002

News logoNews September/October 2002



The chairman of the European ICCRS (International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services) sub committee, Nicol Baldacchino (from Malta) and fellow members Charles Whitehead and Kees Slijkerman (from Holland) are calling on the members of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in Europe to encourage prayer for Europe in preparation for the autumn gathering in Czestochowa, Poland, which they believe will be a very significant event.

During the meeting, which will take place 24th-29th September, participants will say a prayer of repentance on behalf of their countries for the historical sins of Europe and pray for God’s plan to come about on the continent. The committee suggest people might pray the following prayer: “Lord we confess, the sins of our continent, the wars between people, divisions in your Church. We ask your forgiveness, we ask for your Spirit, make us bridge-builders, give Europe new life.”

The theme of the conference is “Put out into the Deep”. The conference is open to all leaders of ministries, prayer groups and communities. Participants are requested to prepare by prayer and reflection of the papal document, Novo Millennio Ineunte. The speakers will include Bishop Joseph Grech from Australia, Bishop Stanislaw Rylko from the Vatican, Kim Kollins from Germany, Charles Whitehead from England, Nikol Baldacchino from Malta, Sr Hudo Dufour from France and Matteo Calisi from Italy. Further details including registration forms and prices are on the web: http://www.isidordata.se/akks/europe and www.iccrs.org (different languages) and in a leaflet that can be ordered from the Registration Office, ul.Sienkiewicza 60, 90-058 Lodz, Poland tel/fax 00 48 42 637 04 25


Kees Slijkerman, is responsible for the European information newsletter, which is available on-line free. If you are interested in receiving it, go to http://www.iccrs.org/newsletter.htm. If you wish to send him information for the newsletter or speak to him, his address is Birkastraat 29, 3962 BM Wijk Bij Duurstede, The Netherlands, tel: 00 31 343 578814 (office)


Mothers’ Prayers, the prayer movement encouraging mothers to pray for their children which was begun by Veronica and Sandra Williams, two English sisters in law six years ago has now spread to 70 countries world wide.

The Solace Community, which was formed a couple of years ago to help run the movement, have recently acquired a new HQ in Sevenoaks, Kent. Veronica, who had a warehouse business felt called to sell this to acquire the property, which is a large seven bedroomed house with 6 ½ acres of garden. She comments, “Mothers’ Prayers itself is run on donations and had no funds to buy the house and as we prayed about it I realised the Lord was asking me to sell my own commercial property. At this decision I felt such a flood of joy and peace spread over me that I knew it was the right thing to do. It would be the last part of my total surrender to the Lord”.

The key to Mothers’ Prayers spirituality is this stress on complete surrender to the Lord and it is this trust in God which Veronica believes is the cause of the rapid growth of the movement that begin with a small group of mothers simply praying for their children.

The property needs some changes to renovate the house and the community are appealing for anyone with practical skills who might be able to help with the project.

An international Mothers’ Prayers Day has been arranged at Aylesford Priory, Kent for Sunday 27th October 10 am to 6 pm. Day will include Mass, prayer, praise and sharing. For more details of this and Mothers Prayers generally write to Mothers Prayers, Star House, Star Hill Sevenoaks, Kent IN14 6HA


The Maranatha Community are also behind a small campaigning ministry called Trumpet Call, which encourages Christians to write to their MPs and others to ensure that the Christian voice is heard in our society by alerting people to issues that concern the Christian community. The current information sheet has news about blocks to Christian broadcasting, the rise in occult healing, an ongoing campaign against pornography, and a call to speak out against continuing atrocities in Sudan and Turkmenistan.

One of the most chilling pieces of information they talk about is a consultation document which has been produced by the Lord Chancellor’s Department entitled, “Making Decisions: Helping people who have Difficulty Deciding for Themselves”. This has been heavily influenced by the Voluntary Euthanasia Society which campaigns for euthanasia and assisted suicide to be legalised for the elderly and sick people. It specifically recommends the use of the so called “living will” designed by the Voluntary Euthanasia Society to allow the starvation and dehydration of people who are incapacitated. For full details contact Trumpet Call, PO Box 29, Moston, Manchester M40 5AB


A total of two hundred and sixty men attended this year’s annual men’s retreats held at Woldingham School in Surrey (12th-14th July), and Stonyhurst in Lancashire (19th-21st July). The eighty men at Stonyhurst were so inspired by Fr Ernest Sievers, the main speaker, a German missionary from Uganda, who spoke at both events, that almost every single participant went forward for prayer and a new anointing. At Woldingham too, participants were equally touched by Fr Sievers’s passion for Christ, and his preaching on the Fatherhood of God. His experiences of the power of God working in Uganda, gave the men fresh heart to proclaim the gospel.

As a spin off of the annual retreats, men’s groups meet locally on a regular basis for fellowship, prayer and support and in some areas, men’s days are organised. In Edinburgh they have had monthly prayer breakfasts for three years. Roy Hendy from the House of the Open Door, last year went to Kenya and Uganda, to speak at men’s conferences there. For further details and copy of the newsletter contact The Men’s Weekends, The Open House, 4 Bulstrode Way, Gerrard’s Cross, SL9 7QU.


One hundred and twenty members of Cursillo met at Selly Park in Birmingham on July 7th for their national meeting. Speakers included the Archbishop of Birmingham, Vincent Nichols, Mgr Keith Barltrop director of the shortly to be formed National Agency of Evangelisation and Mrs Frances Ruppert from Germany, the immediate past World Co-ordinator of Cursillo worldwide.

Cursillo is one of the new ecclesial movements of the Catholic Church aiming to form leaders in Christian living who grow through prayer, study, and action to evangelise others for Christ. Cursillo is a Spanish word meaning a short course, in this case a three-day course in Christianity, after which small local groups meet regularly for mutual support. An estimated eight million Catholics worldwide have now been on a Cursillo course.

Steve Clark and Ralph Martin two of the early leaders in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal came from a Cursillo background and in Britain there have been growing close relations between Cursillo and Catholic Charismatic Renewal and cooperation on projects. Stephen Fox, the national secretary of Cursillo, is also on the organising committee of the annual Men’s weekends, and there is a cross fertilisation of speakers, at different events.

In Birmingham Mgr Keith Barltrop challenged Cursillo to use its special gifts and expertise for the benefit of the wider Church and help parishes find new ways of sharing the gospel and perhaps adapt some of their programmes for parish use or for other communities.


The Worship For u m i s a n i n i t i a t i v e o f Catholic Charismatic R e n e w a l to create a place of meeting for encouragement, worship, sharing and the development of music ministry for the Glory of God. It began a year or so ago as a result of informal conversation among several musicians and those who lead worship to form some kind of fellowship to help each other in their ministries. The first Worship Forum met in May 2002 and was attended by 25 musicians, singers and worship leaders from around the country. A small steering committee was formed of Eamonn Pugh, Salv Lomanto, Marianna Baccelliere, Mike Mulroy and Peter Moran to facilitate people coming together three times a year. Over the year the group has put together a list of seventy people involved in the music ministry in some way. The group are in the process of identifying the gifts they have among them and what needs they could serve in the wider body of the Church. They now have a list of those who are able to help others. The Worship Forum is still in the process of development as the musicians listen to God, the Church and each other.

The Worship Forum is open to anyone involved in music, worship or liturgy and it desires to encourage new expressions of Catholic worship and liturgical music. The next meeting is November 2nd in Birmingham.


The Independent Catholic News Web site, which provides news stories in this country and overseas received its 100,000 hit in July this year. The web site was set up by Catholic journalist Josephine Siedlecka in May 2000. The number of visitors logging on to the site have been steadily rising, and she estimates they should have another 100,000 by the end of the year.

The ICN is run on a voluntary basis and was inspired by Tertio Millennio Adveniente which called for lay people to become more involved in the work of the Church. A growing number of contributors from around the world now send in news and information and the site is often updated several times a day.

The site is run on only one IMAC computer and over the past two years running costs have been met by donations from Church organisations and individuals. Those who work for it receive no pay, fitting their work for the website round their day jobs. Those who might like to be involved in the development of the project or make a donation, visit http://www.indcatholicnews.com/ . You can receive daily news updates e-mailed directly to your mailbox; the cost is £9 a month (15 euro) to help cover the expenses of the service.


Eileen O'Kane - vice chairman of NSCSixty leaders from most of the dioceses in England and representatives from various communities and ministries met together with the English NSC for the second year at Newman College in Birmingham 22nd-23rd July.

It was decided after the success of last year’s meeting to make it an annual event, as it was felt important for leaders to get together to share and support each other. Eileen O’Kane, vice chairman of the NSC, who organised the event commented, “There was wonderful atmosphere and a real sense of this being an oasis of refreshment and people able to be themselves and relax here”. One of the participants said she had been thinking of giving up her leadership position because she was feeling so tired but after this short time away she had fresh heart to continue and had a new enthusiasm.” This was underlined by a word shared by Charles Whitehead, the NSC chairman, who spoke about the Lord providing tables of refreshment for his people as mentioned in the 23rd Psalm and importance of people both looking for them and taking advantage of them when they came their way.

Bishop Ambrose Griffiths, the bishop of Hexham and Newcastle and the liaison bishop for Catholic Charismatic Renewal, gave the main input and talked about the importance of ecclesial maturity and the need for true collaborative ministry between the laity and the clergy, which involved more than just “helping father” but a change in attitude of mind and working together as partners. The message that came through the words and pictures received in the time of quiet was for people to step out boldly and to use the gifts of the Holy Spirit that God had given them.

This year instead of people verbally sharing what was happening in their diocese and groups, they were asked to bring with them short written reports, which were then circulated among the participants. One of the fruits of the meeting was a list of gifts and skills that people or diocesan groups were prepared to offer to serve the renewal generally. These were:

  • A Training Course for the Healing Ministry: Hexham and Newcastle Diocese
  • Help with organising a Data Base and Web Site: Hexham and Newcastle Diocese and Shrewsbury Diocese
  • A training course to Encourage the Release of the Spiritual Gifts: House of the Open Door Community
  • Music Ministry: willing to do days if given enough notice: Birmingham Diocese contact
  • Workshops on “Introduction to Prayer Ministry”, “The Charismatic Gifts” and “Openness to the Charismatic Gifts”: Salford Diocese
  • Training courses “using charisms and on prayer: Cor Lumen Christi

For more information on any of these please contact the Goodnews office

News from England


Those who have read “The Cross and the Switchblade” and “Run Baby Run” and think powerful conversion stories only happen to American evangelicals will be pleased to know that they happen to English Catholics too. “From Gangland to Promised Land” tells the story of John Pridmore, who full of anger at his parents’ divorce, slid into a life of petty crime and eventually became a full blown East End thug by the time he was in his 20s. By a miracle of grace he experienced conversion and later went on to become a tireless evangelist for Youth2000, travelling up and down the country, speaking about God and telling young people his story. His story is frank and gritty as he shares about his experiences as a criminal and the mindless violence he was involved in, as well as his struggles once he became a committed Christian. He comments, “The change doesn’t happen overnight, however. When I first found God, I still carried on smoking dope, being aggressive and sleeping around. Slowly He changed my life, but I still struggle, even today.” The book which was co-written by Greg Watts, is published by DLT price £5.95 plus £1.20 p&p available from Good News Books, 60 Wickstead Avenue, Luton. Ideal book to give to young people who think Christianity is for wimps – one word you would certainly never use about this man!


Fr David Keniry who has been involved in Charismatic Renewal for many years in the Birmingham diocese has been released by the Bishop from parish work to head up a new centre for formation and teaching in Coventry. The Arc, as it will be called, is to be a place of healing and refreshment for those involved in ministry and a place where the charismatic gifts will be used. The former convent in Potters Green, which used to house the Faith Alive Mission Team, some years ago, has been totally refurbished and will open sometime in the autumn. Fr Keniry has had a sabbatical to prepare himself for this new ministry which has been on his heart for many years.


Sr Maria Natella OP, the Dominican sister, who has been on the English NSC for several years, has stepped down to concentrate more on her work for her religious community. The Community, the Dominicans of St Joseph, which is based at St Dominic’s Priory in the New Forest near Lymington, is a new one seeking to return to a radical living out of the vision of St Dominic of contemplation and preaching. The sisters wear a full length traditional habit, pray the full office and have a common purse relying on divine providence for their needs rather than having paid jobs outside the community. While many orders are having difficulty getting vocations, Sr Maria’s community, despite being very small, like the Franciscan Friarys of the Renewal, seems to be attracting a lot of new vocations. For further details contact: St Dominic’s Priory, Shirley Holms Road, Lymington, Hants SO41 8NH (See coming events for a list of their activities)


Fiona Hendy, the leader of the House of the Open Door Community in Worcestershire, has joined the English National Service Committee. She will be following a family tradition as her father, Roy Hendy, the founder of the House of the Open Door Community was a member of the NSC for a decade. Fiona has been one of the organisers of Network, the network of younger English leaders to have emerged from the communities and ministries of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. She is particularly known for her gifts in leading worship and the prophetic ministry.


SPECeast is a new outreach of the SPEC Centre, the Westminster diocese youth ministry, based at All Saints Pastoral Centre, London Colney. As well as their ongoing retreat and school mission work, the SPEC Centre has sent Cleo Jones and Lee Caddick, two of their experienced full time workers to establish a new base in Tower Hamlets in the East End. The new community will be based at a former Infant School which closed down due to the low attendance roll. SPECeast will work with young people from all backgrounds and help with spiritual and educational and social needs. Promoting racial tolerance and good community relations is a priority and Cleo and Lee have spent the last year in building relationships with the local community. For more details about this write to 2 Lukin Street, Commercial Road, London E10


Katy Cobbett from Kent shares her experience of helping run a Life in the Spirit Seminars for a small group. Kathy Cobbett
A year or more back Goodnews was asking groups to write about their Life in the Spirit Seminars. We have just finished a 7 week course using the Team manual and booklets developed by the Word of God in Ann Arbor, Michigan. This is the fourth year running that we have held the course through June and July in place of the weekly afternoon prayer group at St Thomas of Canturbury parish in Kent. We advertise it in the parish newsletter and on notice boards around. Our prayer group averages seven people, and the Life in the Spirit seminars have brought in several more people who were new to the Charismatic Renewal. The course is led by our leader who is a parish deacon, and we had two other local clergy speakers and two lay people. We use music tapes for the opening 15 minutes of praise, including singing in tongues for the last two sessions. On week 5 the taped music ran during the praying-over for the Baptism in the Spirit. As we had up to fourteen people participating we had two discussion groups, one led by the deacon and one by myself. There was much daily prayer for all those who came. I do praise and thank the Lord for the powerful way that people were touched and for graces and gifts received. I write this to encourage other small groups to put on a Life in the Spirit course, trusting that the Lord will work powerfully to bring new people into a deeper relationship with him.


With the encouragement of Fr Terry Martin, a regular at the Celebrate Conference, a core team is being formed to plan a Day of Renewal for the Arundel and Brighton diocese later in the year. More information from the Goodnews Office.

News from Scotland


Forty members of the Maranatha community from Malta came to Scotland in the 3rd week of July to help the Glasgow diocesan service team for Catholic C h a r i s m a t i c Renewal launch their first street outreach in the centre of the city. Eddie McDonald, the chairman of the DST commented, “Ever since we took part in a street protest against the Satanic rock singer, Marilyn Manson, we began thinking about the importance of taking the gospel onto the streets of our city.” The group, who have been praying about this for a year, were encouraged by David McGill from the Risen Christ Community, who used to do street evangelism in the early days of the Charismatic Renewal. He promised to help with training and support. Eddie comments, “David told us that the Lord would show us the date when we were to go out, as he had done for them in those days.”


Dr John Bonicci MaliaThus when they received an email from Dr John Bonnici Malia, the leader of the Maranatha community, offering to come to Scotland for their annual evangelistic outreach, they felt that this was the sign they were looking for and said yes. The planning of the outreach was more complicated than Eddie expected however. He comments, “Because we are now a multi-cultural society, there are all kinds of restrictions about preaching about Jesus.” Eventually, however they were given permission to hold the event but they were not allowed to hand out any evangelistic tracts or preach the gospel message. Instead they concentrated on singing, personal witness and a 30 minute drama, which told the salvation story from Adam and Eve to the Resurrection. While one group was out on the streets another group of people stayed behind in the church praying for the success of the venture. Here the intercessors received a word of knowledge to pray for the sound equipment in particular, unaware that at the time the outreach team was having terrible difficulty and were 30 minutes late starting because they couldn’t get it to work. Eddie comments, “It was a reminder to me how important intercession is to underpin all our activities.” The Glasgow team learnt a lot from the experienced Maltese community and they hope to go out regularly once a month this autumn. About 130 people took part, including 25 members of the Risen Christ community. Eddie comments, “I’m really pleased at this new link and working together with David McGill and the Risen Christ Community. David was responsible for bringing Charismatic Renewal to Scotland so it’s great to learn from his wisdom and experience.”


While Maranatha was there, Dr John, who is very gifted in the healing ministry, also led a powerful healing service at St Alphonsus Church on the Friday night. Although it was the traditional Glasgow holiday fortnight, and the organisers were worried about numbers, 500-600 squeezed into the church. About 25% of the participants were there for the first time. One of the most dramatic healings of the night was when a women who had been confined to a wheelchair for a year, and who couldn’t stand without help, was able to get up and walk around. Eddie commented, “There were several people in my own prayer group who were also healed of various ailments, including one bad case of arthritis in the neck.” On the Sunday, another day was arranged at Christ the King parish. Here the Maranatha team did their mime again and Dr John gave a powerful talk on the gift of Faith and the importance of turning away from idols in one’s life. Afterwards the entire congregation came forward to be prayed with for a new release of this gift in their lives. Eddie comments, “I realised listening to him, that nothing is going to happen without this gift… and I need more of it.”


Mark Nimmo - speaker at Glasgow conferencePrior to the evangelisation outreach a small team from the Glasgow DST were asked by the community which runs Craig Lodge, the retreat house at Dalmally to run Life in the Spirit seminars for them. The community which has a strong marian spirituality, grew out the McFarlane-Barrow family’s experience at Medjugorje, a decade or so ago. This is the second time this year that the Glasgow team have been to Dalmally. Eddie comments, “With all these new links and bridges being built with Dalmally and the Risen Christ community, as well as local ecumenical links, I feel God is calling his people together because he is preparing us for something. I also feel Ralph Martin coming for the Glasgow Conference in September (6th-8th) is significant. He is a one of the most prophetic people in the Catholic Church today. I don’t know why but I believe he will have a word for us in Scotland that we will need to take to heart and act on.” The Glasgow conference this year will take place from 6th-8th September at The Cooper I n s t i t u t e , C l a r k s t o n R o a d , G l a s g o w starting on the Friday with an e v e n i n g meeting at 7.30pm and continuing on Saturday and Sunday from 10.30 am to 5 pm. The conference is non-residential. (see Coming Events)


The Catholic Faith Exploration process for small groups using teaching videos conceived by Catholic Evangelisation Services is working well in the parish of Our Lady and St Muns in Dunoon, Argyll. The organising team began with the Alpha course in 2001. Then they followed this with “Exploring the Catholic Church” talks by American, Marcellino d’Ambrosio, and then a series on the Scriptures by Australian Mgr Mark Coleridge. The group run Alpha for newcomers and then for those who have done Alpha, a spiritual growth teaching video on the same night. Everyone eats together and then the groups separate into their different rooms to watch the appropriate videos. About 30 people attended the last course. The registration supper evening for the autumn course is September 4th. See coming events. Mark Nimo - speaker at Glasgow conference Dr John Bonicci Malia .


News from Ireland


With last year’s national conference having to be cancelled because of the foot and mouth epidemic, the loss of the full time worker at the NSC office and the closing down of New Creation, the national charismatic magazine, there was an element of doubt as to what the numbers would be like for this year’s national conference at the RDS in Dublin 21st-23rd June 2002. But in the event about 1200 people showed for the Saturday, the main day of the conference, and well over 600 for the Sunday and the atmosphere and the praise was excellent.

The speakers were Bishop Martin Drennan, the auxiliary bishop in Dublin, who is the liaison bishop for the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, Fr Pat Lynch who is the founder of the Sion Community, and now heads up a new Irish branch called the Ceili Naomh Phadraig based in Knock and Frances Hogan, a full time Catholic lay missionary and teacher on the Scriptures, who has set up the Kolbe Trust to spread the Word of God through video and television.

The theme of the conference was “Launch Out into Deep Waters”, taken from the Pope’s millennium encyclical “Novo Millennio Ineunte” which he has asked the whole Church to study and reflect on. These themes were developed by the speakers in various ways. As well as the talks there were two personal testimonies by a woman who experienced an amazing healing and a sister who shared about her call to the religious life. Goodnews was also officially launched as the charismatic magazine for the islands and given full backing by the Irish NSC as Fr Pat Collins CM urged all those present to subscribe or take back copies for their prayer groups and to use Goodnews as a way of building up the charismatic network and keeping people in touch with what is happening both in Ireland and abroad.


Sr Briege McKennaThe first New Dawn conference in Ireland took place a week later (4th-7th June) in terrible weather in a field behind Resurrexit House in Co Kildare. New Dawn has been taking place annually at the English national shrine of Our Lady at Walsingham in Norfolk since 1987 where it regularly attracts 2000–3000 participants. The bad weather and the difficulty of transportation meant that numbers were not as high as the organisers had hoped. They had to contend with a whole catalogue of difficulties that had almost a spiritual dimension to them. It was a miracle that the conference took place at all, particularly when at the last minute one of contractors renegued on his contract to provide chairs - the replacement ones only arriving two hours before the conference began! This all helped, however, to create a do-it-yourself spirit as people joined in to help and the morale of the people was in general very high despite everything. About 200 - 300 people attended with numbers rising to between 800-1000 for the final afternoon Mass. The speakers included Sr Briege McKenna, who spoke on the power of the Eucharist and warned against the dangers of New Age, and Fr Kevin Scallon who led a powerful reconciliation service. Other speakers included Charles Whitehead, the chairman of the English NSC, Canon Jimmy Collins, Fr Chris O’Donnell O’Carm, Fr Jack Finnegan SDB and Fr Michael Ross SDB. Fr Pat Lynch, filled in at the last moment when the person who they had hoped to do concert couldn’t make it. He reprised the amusing but effective presentation he had done at the National Conference at the RDS on the papal encyclical Novo Millenio Inuente.


The Kolbe Trust who produce videos of Frances Hogan’s scriptural teaching are running a Facilitators’ Training course this autumn at the Emmaus retreat centre in Lissenhal, Swords, Co Dublin from 18th- 20th October 2002. “Come Back to Me” is an 8-unit video course for groups based on the Parable of the Prodigal Son and is tool for evangelisation and renewal. During the weekend participants will experience the programme for themselves, learn to set it up and run it with a group and also learn how to train others to give the programme.


Emer Hurley Williams, the chairperson of the Limerick Conference, encourages people to come and join them for their annual conference at Crescent College Comprehensive, in Dooradoyle, Limerick from 11th-13th October 2002.

With the message “Duc in Altum” at the end of his encyclical Noro Millennio Ineunte, the Holy Father invited us “to go forward in hope”. Last October we prayed and reflected on the themes of this document, ably led by Charles and Sue Whitehead. The theme of this year’s conference is a natural progression of this. How do we go forward in hope, if not in the conviction that we are “Heirs of God and coheirs with Christ” from Romans 8.17? We have invited Fr Tom Forrest CSSR, a former director of ICCRS, who headed up Evangelisation 2000 for a decade in Rome to lead us in our reflection. Like the Pope, Fr Tom’s advancing years have not dimmed his enthusiasm and zeal for the gospel, and he always seems to be coming or going to some corner of the globe to spread the good news. Those who have heard him speak will remember his famous cry a la John Wayne “Let’s Move it Out”, as he challenged us in the Church to take up the call to evangelisation

He is really worth hearing so do come along and be encouraged! The conference will open on Friday evening, October 11th at 7.30 pm with a Eucharist celebrated by Bishop Donal Murray. Saturday and Sunday will begin at 10.45 am and the days will be a mixture of prayer and praise and teaching. On Saturday night we will have a healing and reconciliation service (including the sacrament of reconciliation) between 8 pm and 9.30 pm. This conference needs you to be there so you can be missioned as “an heir of God and co-heir with Christ” to live your baptismal call to evangelise.


The Nazareth community based in Dun Laoghaire/Killiney area has agreed to the request of the Irish NSC to help with the distribution and promotion of Goodnews in Ireland.

The community are members of a worldwide network of covenant communities existing under the name “Sword of the Spirit” and have a lot of experience in promoting and forming lay christian communities. It is hoped that Goodnews will be a means of helping bring together these involved in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Those in Ireland wishing to order Goodnews for themselves or their groups should contact help

The Nazareth Community, with it’s sister community, Charis, in Belfast is also involved in the Power to Change Campaign and appears on the Power to Change web site as a contact point for those interested in knowing more about covenant communities. In July the community initiated a fortnightly prayer and praise meeting in Killiney, open to all denominations which they hope will become a gathering point for people in the area. They also plan to run like Life in Spirit seminars this autumn as part of the Power to Change initiative (see coming events) and are taking part in an ecumenical evangelistic outreach in Dun Laoghaire on 29th September to which people are invited to take part. For details of any of these events or to know more about the community help