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... From the Goodnews archives, Mar/Apr 2008


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God’s Kingdom on earth



Jackie Pullinger has worked for many years with drug addicts in Hong Kong. In her book “Chasing the Dragon” she tells the inspiring story of how God miraculously healed and freed many people from addictions. For the new CaFE DVD series “Believe – Reflections on the Creed” she was interviewed by David Payne who asked her about God’s Kingdom on earth.

“Is it possible for us to experience God’s Kingdom?”

You can experience glimpses of heaven on earth from time to time and that is what I would call the Kingdom. When Jesus walked this earth, when he healed the sick and raised the dead he brought bits of Heaven to earth, wherever he was allowed to be the king he brought in the Kingdom. Also Jesus said that when we receive His Spirit and go in His name then we can do the things that He did and bring in the Kingdom. In my work I have seen many examples of this.

After my conversion, when I first really believed in Jesus I always expected that he could do miracles. What is the point in believing in a God who made heaven and earth if he can’t do miracles? So I’ve always expected miracles. I worked in a slum in Hong Kong called the Walled City for many years. It was an unfair place to live, girls were sold into prostitution, kids couldn’t go to school, people were living in overcrowded, slum conditions and the gangs ruled. I longed to see God break through in this area. So I made friends with a few people and ran a youth club where lots of the gangsters used to come.

One day a gangster came to guard me after my place had been vandalised. I told him about Jesus and a few weeks later he came into the room, started singing one of the songs that he had heard me singing, the Holy Spirit came upon him and he started speaking in tongues. He had been an addict for some years but in half an hour he had prayed himself off drugs. I wasn’t surprised as I had always expected God to act like this so I thought that I would just move on to the next man.

The next man really wanted to get off drugs and he said that he was open to Jesus so I prayed that the Holy Spirit would come upon him and I thought let’s see if the same thing happens. It did, exactly as with the first man! So we started taking addicts who wanted to be freed into our home and sat praying with them for ten days non-stop twenty four hours a day. We found that every single person who came in could get off drugs without pain. That is just one of the miracle that I witnessed.

“What can we do practically to see more of his Kingdom around us?”

You can’t do much at all unless you are desperate. If you think that it doesn’t matter and you can believe in Jesus and go to heaven anyway you are not going to do much about it but if you are desperate and really want people healed or changed then you will know. If you think that it is somebody else’s job and you just have to turn up at Mass once a week then you will never see the miracles. You are just getting by with a few legal minimums but if you actually understand that one third of the world is dying from lack of bread, let alone lack of Christ, that there are more people in slavery today than in the history of mankind combined, you would just simply share what you know of Jesus with people who don’t know. Jesus promised that when you did that there would be signs of the Kingdom.

“People will say that this must take great faith. How can we grow in faith?”

You can’t grow in faith without moving. When people say I have too little faith, pray for me I say that is rubbish. Jesus said that a tiny bit of faith could move a mountain, the problem is that you have got to use it.



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Jackie Pulinger


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