6 children’s Easter activities

Author: John McKenna

6 children’s Easter activities

Want to make the most of the church’s biggest celebration? John McKenna gathers together some fun Easter activities to do with your children.

As a father of a five year-old and seven year-old, and husband to a church children’s worker, I live in a house where new ways of exploring faith with children are always being experimented with.

One of my wife Kate’s first go-to website for inspiration is Pinterest. This social media site is a great resource for Christian arts and crafts activities to do with children throughout the year, but particularly at Easter when you want to do something that isn’t about eggs or bunnies.

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You can see the full list of six children's Easter activities by clicking on the above link to my Pinterest board. Below are a couple of the activities I have “Pinned”, to give you an idea of the kind of things you can do with your children this Easter:

Good Friday – how Jesus takes away our sin


This simple activity requires a plate, a penny, some coloured liquid, a glass and a candle.

The penny represents us. Place the penny on the plate, and then add the liquid, which represents sin. Place a candle representing Jesus in the liquid and light it. Place the glass over the candle. The flame will quickly be extinguished, signifying Jesus’ death, but as it does it will draw all the liquid to it, leaving the coin dry and untouched by the liquid – showing how therough his death on the cross Jesus takes away our sin.

A full step-by-step guide to this activity can be found here.


Make an Easter garden


You will need the following: sheet moss, large terra cotta saucer, small terra cotta pot, 2 styrofoam half-sphere, 1 small block styrofoam, newspaper or other stuffing, 1 large round rock, other assorted rocks, sticks and twine to make the crosses, hot glue gun.

This is a beautiful Easter alternative to the homemade stables and cribs of Christmas. The cave could also double-up as a handy place to store chocolate goodies, to be revealed when the stone is rolled away on Easter morning!

Full instructions of how to build the Easter garden can be found here.

The other four Easter activities that I have listed on Pinterest can be viewed by clicking this link.

Happy Easter.

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