A Dramatic Journey From Chaos To Peace

Author: Angela Scaramuzzi

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A Dramatic Journey From Chaos To Peace

"My soul was kicking and screaming," says West End Theatre star Angela Scaramuzzi, who shares her story from restlessness to life and joy in Jesus.

I have always had a personal relationship with Jesus. My Catholic upbringing was blessed by Charismatic Renewal with my wonderful Mother, who nurtured and loved me.  

I also endured the traumas of my alcoholic father and the impact of his illness on our family.

From the age of 4, I knew I wanted to be an actress. “When I’m rich and famous, I’ll buy you a car,” I told my Dad, who did not have a driver’s license.

I always knew I was loved-by my Mum, Dad and Jesus. My childhood was a rollercoaster of loving and praising God, and wishing Dad would stop drinking.

Exploring My Dream And Trusting God

In secondary school, I found a platform to explore my dream. In Calamity Jane, I was so proud to be the only can-can girl who could do the splits! Then, at 13, my mother nearly died giving birth to my brother, Sean. The baby’s placenta stuck to Mum’s womb, and she began to haemorrhage.

When I was told Mum had received the last rites, I felt completely alone. Everything in me felt grief and anguish. “How can you allow this to happen to Mum?” I asked God.

I had 2 choices: either turn from God or put my trust in Him. Deep in my heart, I wanted to trust him.

Grabbing my Bible, I read the story of Jesus walking on the water. Stretching out his hand to me, I felt Jesus asking me to have faith.

Eventually, after 5 days of intensive care and 250 pints of blood, the haemorrhaging subsided and Mum stabilised.

She is happy, healthy and a wonderful witness to God today.

A Fire Within

I was baptised in the Holy Spirit aged 11 and committed to following Jesus. I received the gift of singing and was in love. I sang all the time. My poor neighbours always heard me before they saw me. A fire was lit inside me.

Through prayer and preparation, I moved to London for drama school in 1992, aged 17.

In 1995, after graduating and securing a London agent, I was called home.  After a brain tumour, Mum needed me to nurse her.

I desperately wanted to walk my new path, but knew God was calling me home. It was a difficult time.

Having been exposed to different people and beliefs, I often felt lost and far from Jesus. Coming home helped anchor me in His love.

Happily, God answered my prayers and Mum survived-again.

God by my side in the West End

In London, I landed a role in a West End show called Rent  in 1998. 10,000 people auditioned and I got the job. God was by my side-He knew my heart’s desire.

Performing was not easy. I took on various jobs just to pay the rent. I knew Jesus loved me, yet I neglected my prayer life.

My Mum gave me a copy of the Jabez prayer (see below), which I read every day. By the end of 2003, I felt less hopeful when my landlord sold her Shoreditch townhouse, leaving me homeless.

I was also devastated after breaking up with my long-term boyfriend.

After drinking and hooking up with strangers, I felt so far from God. In January 2004, I moved home to Glasgow.

I attended drama workshops and secured a new Edinburgh agent. I got some small jobs, but my soul was kicking and screaming -something had to change.

The Gentlest Healing and New Life

I went to Medjugorje and experienced the gentlest healing. Having stopped and started at least 25 times, I was cured of addiction to smoking.

After receiving a blessing on my throat in Dubrovnik, I accepted the offer of a job as a production singer/actress on a cruise ship.

I soon met my now husband. The joy of my faith helped me stay true to Christian values and we married in 2006. We now have 2 lovely children-another miracle, since doctors predicted the likelihood of me conceiving beyond 30 was slim.  God is good.

I now work as a drama teacher in Glasgow. Each day, I offer family, friends, pupils and colleagues to God. He always walks with me. 

Jabez cried out to the God of Israel: "Oh that you would bless me and enlarge my territory! Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain." And God granted his request.

1 Chronicles 4:10

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