A Story of God's Faithfulness

Author: Tammy Fernando

Picture: Pixnio

A Story of God's Faithfulness

Armed with a God-given desire to be published, Tammy Fernando shares her story of how God led her from frustration to elation.

I feel like Cinderella-and ready to go to the ball.

I have just made a four-and-a-half year journey with only a God-given desire in my heart-and I have found that God truly is faithful.

My story begins in 2015.

Off sick from work as a newly qualified Montessori nursery teacher, I watched a YouTube video about a Christian woman, who shared how she was hospitalised for a year and a half.

Her Christian friends asked her: “Why do you think God allowed this to happen to you?” She replied that she felt God had brought her to this point of stillness, so that He could get her attention to finish the book she had started writing.

Well, I too was sick, and I had a simple thought: “I wonder if God wants me to write a story?”

Has God ever nudged you to do something that seems too big? Then read on. I hope my story will inspire you to trust ever deeper.

The Long Struggle

Deciding to write a story, I wrote what was in my heart: a children’s story in which my brother Chris (RIP) is a 6-year-old boy with a desire for a friend.

In the story, my brother chats to God during bedtime prayers. By the end, he starts to see that God cares about his desires and that He can answer prayer. God is depicted as the Holy Trinity, and one thread of the story is about Chris’ personal relationship with God.

I believed it was evangelistic. I had to “get it out there.” This was the beginning of the long struggle. The next day, I was asked to leave my job as a Montessori nursery teacher. I was jobless with only a mission to publish this book.

I scoured the internet for Catholic/Christian publishers. I sent my story to publishers for a review, which is called an unsolicited manuscript submission. Very few publishers out there do this-and, as I was looking for a Catholic/ Christian publisher, that narrowed it down further.

I was sure God would bring this to pass-so I kept going. I managed to find temporary work, but heard nothing from publishers, so took a break from trying to get my story published.

"What Else Do You Want Me To Do?!"

One day I was so frustrated that I shouted: “What else do You want me to do?” Suddenly a thought rushed into my mind about my story. I said to God: “What? I have no direction and no job-and You’re asking me to work on my story?” I thought: if I put God first, as scripture says, then everything else will also be given to me.

With this hope, I kept re-editing my story and sending it to publishers, in between job seeking. However, I still heard nothing.

By January 2019, I was ready to give up my dream. Again I asked God: “If this is from You, You have to make it clear”. There was no blinding light. I simply kept going-and, somehow, the crestfallen feeling I had was replaced by a desire to carry on.

A group of friends, “The Dream Team”, prayed for me during all this.When I again asked God, “Is this from You?” I immediately received a picture in my mind of the Infant Child of Prague. 

In this ‘picture’, I saw Jesus’ cloak move apart. Underneath the cloak, I saw some moving stairs going up towards Jesus. The more the cloak moved apart, the more of the stairs I could see-and they seemed to be moving ever upwards.

I took this as a ‘yes.’

An Unexpected Delight

I then got involved with a church publishing ministry, but it did not work out. I was downcast.

Yet, out of the blue, my Facebook and illustrator friend Jeanie Schoonover-Egolf told me she had set up a boutique Catholic publishing organisation with a friend. Did I want to have my book published, they asked? I was gobsmacked. Of course, I said.

This was significant, as I had recently posted on Facebook that I hoped the next publisher that comes to me would be “the one.” God was specifically showing me He had spoken through my words. He has a sense of humour.

So God has led me into the world of writing stories. It’s an unexpected, delightful creative joy. I can’t wait to hold my book, complete with beautiful artwork.

My hope is that children will be drawn to see how loving and generous God is and that He can be trusted completely-Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The most important thing I have learnt is that God initiated this mission and He has been faithful in fulfilling it. He did this through a 54-year-old woman who has never written anything before.

It has been a long journey. Now this Cinderella will be dancing with her book from May 2021. I hope many others will be dancing too.

Look out for ‘A Prayer From the Heart’ at the ‘worldwide children’s Christian books ball’. .

God is faithful. Just as He raised Christ from the dead, so too He gives us new life and new hope today.

Happy Easter!

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