Armchair Church and Googling God

Author: Ros Powell

Picture: Andy Drozdziak

Armchair Church and Googling God

Searches for the word "GOD" on Google increased significantly during lockdown. Ros Powell explains the abundant fruit she has seen via social media and her "Armchair Church."

Armchair Church (A.C.) has taken off, and developed into a prophetic group, since I wrote my initial CCR article at the beginning of lockdown.  

God is outside time, space and distance, so, regardless of where we live around the globe, we know that, as we gather, the Holy Spirit will always turn up.

From the feedback we receive, people express how they are being fed, empowered equipped and healed, God is indeed doing something new.

Testimonies can be viewed here.

Mustard Seeds of Faith Producing Great Fruit

During the group meeting, some members receive revelation from the Lord in a word, picture or scripture, and afterwards will forward what they have received. 

There is usually an obvious pattern or prophetic theme connecting all that has been revealed.  We then put it all together and I record a video for YouTube.

If a tiny covid 19 virus that is invisible to the human eye can devastate the world, think what a mustard seed of faith in our hands can do.

We must prepare ourselves in lockdown for the harvest that is coming. 

Be Prepared, Committed and Renewed

Here are some prophetic words which were recently received:

  • This season is a ‘come season’ (come give me your burdens, rest in me)
  • Next season is a ‘go’ out into all the world season.
  • Matthew 10:7-13: 7 As you go, proclaim this message: ‘The kingdom of heaven has come near.’ 8 Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy drive out demons. Freely you have received; freely give. 
  • There is a feeling that it is not necessarily all going to happen inside church buildings, but out in the marketplace- or wherever your patch in the vineyard may be.
  • Did you know that searches for the word "GOD" on Google increased significantly during lockdown?
  • We must be prepared, renewed and committed, because Jesus tells us in Luke 10:2: "The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few."
  • We must pray and ask the Lord of the harvest  to equip us for every spiritual opportunity. We are the workers and we are called to ‘go’, saying, as we go: ‘Here I am, Lord. Send me!’

We Rejoice!

People forward the Armchair Church YouTube videos to their friends. Its growth is becoming like ripples in a brook.  

Over the last 33 years as a Catholic speaker, I have spoken and ministered in prisons, prayer groups, parishes, communities, as well as at most of the main Catholic Conferences, which has produced a lot of fruit. However, during this period of lockdown, we are reaching more people now through social media than before the pandemic.

It is a unique age of evangelistic opportunities through modern technology-without leaving the comfort of my home.

Genesis 50:20: What the enemy intends for bad, the Lord can and will turn it around to the good.

Armchair Church Expands

To watch the teaching recordings, go to the Ros Powell YouTube channel here or visit the' website here.

The titles of the videos are as follows:

Video 6. Personal warfare

Video 7. Allowing the joy of the Lord to be your strength in the face of adversity

Video 8. A Glimpse into heaven

Video 9. The Power of Pentecost

Video 10. Living in the power of the Holy Spirit and using your God-given gifts

Video 11. Supernatural Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Video 12. Moving in the power of the Holy Spirit and using the gifts for others

Video 13. The Power of Testimony 

I personally have grown and matured in so many ways through fellowshipping, and being in touch with all the amazing people who make up Armchair Church.

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