Book review: 'Tides Of Blessing' by Russ Fairman

Author: Andy Drozdziak, CCR Web Editor

Book review: 'Tides Of Blessing' by Russ Fairman

In 'Tides Of Blessing', read a remarkable story of adventure and meeting the God of surprises in Russ Fairman's Sailing Mission.

‘Tides Of Blessing’ is the story of Russ Fairman who, as part of the CELEBRATE Christian Conference, sailed his boat, named 'What if it's true' for a journey around various parts of the UK where CELEBRATE events took place.

He encountered a variety of Christians, both groups and individuals, who experienced the grace of God in a multitude of ways during various legs of the journey. God’s provision and goodness is a constant theme, such as the occasion on which Russ lost his wallet and was left all alone on his boat on an unfamiliar Scottish island.

As he prays for a miracle, an old school friend calls him out of the blue and tells Russ he is staying in Oban-the very place Russ lost his wallet. The friend agrees to help Russ out and loan him some money, and Russ is reminded that God is looking after him, that He has all that Russ needs. As it turns out, his wallet is handed in to Oban police station, and  Russ is reminded of the ‘kindness of strangers.’ 

Encountering The Goodness of God

One striking chapter recounts the episode of Russ’ travels with former gangster Martin Greenhalgh. Martin tells Russ that he has done ‘some terrible things in my life, and I don’t deserve to come.’

Russ welcomes him along, and the two encounter the goodness of God. One particularly striking moment is movingly described when the two are trying to avoid being ‘eaten alive’ by midges. Deciding to pray, Russ feels the presence of the Lord in their boat, feels the Lord sharing His pleasure and love with them, as if He is telling them: ‘I love you boys..I love the friendship you formed…I love you.’ Unsurprisingly, this becomes a real moment of grace for Martin, who is newly able to receive the Lord’s love.

It is a powerful testimony, typical of a book which is very well written and edited by former CCR Web Editor John Mckenna.Interspersed with Russ’ sharings are those of his fellow crew members, an array of friends and companions who share their experiences in wonderful ways.They communicate beautifully the adventure of taking part in a unique sailing mission to bless the UK and pray for the people of Great Britain.

Sue Whitehead highly recommends the book. “I couldn't stop reading this book once I started,” she wrote. “Such joy in every chapter - so many tangible descriptions of God's presence on the journey. So many lives touched and changed by His Love.”

The Sailing Mission-Part Of The New Evangelisation

This book would be a good present to give to someone who is new to CCR or is exploring what a life of faith might look like. The ‘new evangelisation’ is all about finding new and creative ways to communicate the timeless truths of the Gospel, and the sailing mission certainly comes into that category.

There are many stories, like those of Martin above, which show the Gospel in action and which illustrate the ways in which how God shows His personal and perfect love for those taking part in the sailing mission-even in times of crisis and pain.

‘Tides Of Blessing’ is a wonderful read which will enrich your faith and inspire you to follow God’s dream for your own life.

  • Tides of Blessing is available here  from Goodnews books

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