Call And I Will Answer: Telephone Healing Ministry

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Call And I Will Answer: Telephone Healing Ministry

ADoRE's telephone-based healing ministry, launched in June 2020 in the midst of lockdown, has seen the Holy Spirit bring healing and reconciliation to many, as Alastair Emblem explains.

When lockdown started, we decided to replace our normal monthly meeting with a half-day online mini-retreat via Zoom. This includes Mass. Adoration, Prophetic reflection, Praise and  an inspiring talk from a guest speaker. However,  an important element of our meetings has always been a time of face-to-face healing prayer ministry.

I was discussing with another core group member how we might continue to offer this, and he explained how he thought the Lord was giving us the opportunity to set up a telephone ministry which could be offered not just once a month but every day. I said it was a nice idea but we would need a dedicated person to set it up and run it.

Not just a good idea-but a GOD idea

Amazingly, within a few hours, I received a message from a lady on our regular healing team, who had no knowledge of my discussion about the telephone ministry,. She said that she believed the Lord wanted her to set up a telephone healing ministry.

Encouraged by this confirmation that it was clearly not just a good idea but a God idea, we soon gathered a team of experienced prayer ministers who volunteered to cover a day each, as well as extra time on the afternoon of our retreat mornings.

The Lord’s encouragement also carried us through a time of trial when we experienced many technical difficulties – clearly a spiritual attack from the enemy who was worried by our plans.

Praying for a renewal of faith in God

It’s still early days, but we have already been able to pray with 73 people on the phone, as well as praying for a further 75 intentions submitted by text, email, social media and personal contact. Many have asked for a deeper relationship with Jesus and we have prayed with several for Baptism in the Holy Spirit.

Several lapsed have called in asking for a renewal of faith in God; a lot of people feeling anxious and panicky over Covid and the world situation;  prayers for surgery and ongoing illnesses; difficult family relationships; loneliness, spiritual pain, fear of death and fear of hell.

For the majority, the most important message we can give them is the knowledge of God’s love: that Jesus died for them and how special they are to him.

Acceptance, peace-and eating toast with custard

Testimonies are beginning to come in, including the following:

  • Prayer brought about reconciliation and restoration of a relationship
  • A lady testified that through the ministry she had been brought to “a place of acceptance and peace”
  • Another lady testified that she has found peace from the dreadful fears she has been suffering
  • A lady in deep depression received the “gift of mirth”
  • We prayed for a lady who was imminently dying: we were then told she sat up two hours later “eating toast and custard!”

Although healing ministry has been a key feature in charismatic meetings over the last 50 years, it has not been common in the mainstream Catholic church, but this has thankfully begun to change in recent years. If you or anyone you know would like to receive prayer for any type of physical, mental or spiritual healing, please ring 07579 824523 and leave your name and number. You will be called back between 10.00am and 4.00pm from Monday to Friday.

Further information can be found at the ADoRe website:

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