Catholic Charismatic Testimonies: Eddie

Author: Eddie Drozdziak

Catholic Charismatic Testimonies: Eddie

Read Eddie's testimony about how Catholic Charismatic Renewal has changed his life.

How did you get involved in Catholic Charismatic Renewal?

 In 1981, through our daughter making her First Communion, my wife, Ann, started attending a charismatic prayer group in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, where she was baptised in the Holy Spirit.

 I was impressed by the fact that her faith had noticeably come alive and by the new music she was bringing back.

 Two years later, we moved to Manchester. Ann moved heaven and earth to organise nine weeks of baby sitters for our three children    so that we could both attend a Life in the Spirit Seminar, where I was baptised in the Holy Spirit.

Since then, we have both been members of the Living Waters prayer group in Timperley. This prayer group is still going strong today and continues to be a huge influence on our faith formation.

What impact has Catholic Charismatic Renewal had on your life?

My faith is full of joy. I now expect God to be involved in every aspect of my life. I know that God loves and cares about me, and that I am called to praise God in every circumstance, good or bad.

Being part of the CCR family helps to strengthen and enliven my faith. God is good all the time! 


I’m going to CCR's Golden Jubilee Celebration in Birmingham-join me by clicking here.

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