Catholic Charismatic Testimonies: Ian

Author: Ian Yardley

Catholic Charismatic Testimonies: Ian

Read Ian's testimony about how Catholic Charismatic Renewal has changed his life.

How did you get involved in Catholic Charismatic Renewal?

I first came to experience CCR when I was sixteen. My family where Catholic but not practicing, and I had just refused to be confirmed as I told my parents I didn’t believe in anything.

A friend then invited me on a camping trip. He said there might be a few Christians there, but it was nothing heavy.

Being a scout in my younger years I thought that sounded like good fun.

I arrived in Walsingham expecting a week with the lads, but instead ended up at New Dawn.

To say it was a shock would be an understatement. The week dramatically changed my life.

After getting over the shock of 3,000 charismatics, who kept coming up to me and hugging me (I had presumed they were all crazy), I realised these people had a joy I knew nothing about, and I slowly began to open my mind to the idea that there might be something in what they were saying.

That week I was Baptised in the Holy Spirit and my life trying to follow the lord began.

What impact has Catholic Charismatic Renewal had on your life?

CCR has changed everything!

I came to the Lord at an age when I was leaving school and going to college, which gave me the freedom to be who I was.

Other than the obvious fact that I know and love the Lord, the rest of my life is also changed because of CCR.

Relationships changed: I lost some old friends but have made so many more. I became involved in my parish, and various CCR conferences.

Most importantly I met my wife through CCR. I have also had the pleasure of being involved in many different leadership roles and journeying with young people over the last 12 years.

So much of who I am today comes from that first experience of CCR at New Dawn.

I’m going to CCR's Golden Jubilee Celebration in Birmingham - join me by clicking here

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