CHARIS, God's New Things and Praying With Pope Francis

Author: Nuria Alonso

Picture: Nuria Alonso

CHARIS, God's New Things and Praying With Pope Francis

Nuria Alonso experienced the power of the Holy Spirit at the formation of CHARIS, the new, single service for Catholic Charismatic Renewal, with Pope Francis.

From 5-9 June 2019, the worldwide Catholic Charismatic Renewal family was gathered together, like the apostles on the first Pentecost, waiting in expectancy for a New Pentecost. We were present to mark the formation of CHARIS, the new single service for Catholic Charismatic Renewal.

We had a deep conviction of being part of a truly historical moment. In the heart of the Church, we gathered in the Paul VI Audience Hall-not as spectators, but as living stones of the body of Christ.

What amazed me most was the incredible experience of communion, community and family. Brothers and sisters from all over the world shared their love of Christ and were witnesses of this love to one another.

The Holy Spirit was moving, and we were experiencing His presence through the fruits of joy, peace and love.

God's One Big Family

I love to see brothers and sisters together. These gatherings always impact my faith deeply, as we travel together on this pigrim journey.  We were people from every corner of the earth, from Malaysia, China, Africa, USA, Canada, South America, Central America, Australia and Europe.

We were all different ages, cultures and languages, so diverse, yet I witnessed so much unity-God’s one big family.

The praise and worship and adoration were so powerful. The presence of the Risen King was clear to see and the body of Christ was singing with one voice and heart and declaring boldly that He is the King of Kings and He is the Lord.

During adoration, there was such a profound silence adoring the presence of the Lamb of God, with our hearts surrendered to Him, receiving His peace and breath.

We were also encouraged by the amazing teachings received on the themes of unity, living our call to be missionary disciples, and discovering our real identity as sons and daughters of God.  

We also learnt that each of us is called to live in a supernatural way, and that this should be the normal way of living for every Christian.

Overwhelmed And In Tears

On 8 June, we had one of the most special moments that I could ever imagine. After praise and worship, and some short talks, suddenly more than 3000 people started singing “Vive Jesus El Señor, El Vive, Vive, Vive Jesús el Señor!”

We sang this song for some minutes with all our hearts, and truly believed it, singing to welcome Pope Francis. Since this is his favourite song, we did our best!

I was so touched, overwhelmed and in tears, as I watched this from the cabins of the translators at the top of the Audience Hall.

I really felt in my heart: Thank you, Lord. These are your people, people from every nation and race, all ages, all conditions, poor and rich, babies and old people, each one shouting with joy, proclaiming that Jesus is alive, as our shepherd Pope Francis entered.

I was really moved by what he shared, but a special moment of the Holy Spirit was when Father Raniero Cantalamessa asked us all to pray over our Pope for a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

All the assembly started praying, lifting up their hands with Father Raniero. We all began to pray and sing in tongues for several minutes. The anointing of the place was indescribable.

I do believe and know that new things are coming. We have a task: to spread His love and His Spirit, and the first thing is through the baptism in the Holy Spirit. I am excited and expectant in what God is doing and preparing us for. “ Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?” Isaiah 43:19

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