Covid-19: Pain, Prayer And Giving Thanks

Author: Oscar de la Fuente

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Covid-19: Pain, Prayer And Giving Thanks

Jesus has always been by our side, says Oscar de la Fuente, as he shares his experiences of Covid-19.

My name is Oscar.  I am 31 years old and spent 7 months with the Sion Community.

The COVID-19 pandemic swept over Spain like a tsunami, especially in my region, Madrid. My family and girlfriend, Gema, have first-hand experience of it. Her father tested positive in February and was in intensive care for more than 20 days, hanging between life and death.

My father also tested positive. At the end of March, he was ill for 14 days at home and, when he became too ill, was taken into hospital for 8 days. A few weeks ago my grandfather died - who we have not been able to embrace or even visit for quite a long time in an attempt to protect him from the virus. Where has God been during all this time?

The answer is already a gift: Jesus has always been by our side.

God's Blessings

He has been with us as we prayed the Rosary with more than 40 people by video link, asking for the health of Gema’s father minutes before he was taken to ICU.

There God ensured that he had a bed and a ventilator at a time when it was difficult to guarantee them because of the overstretched health system; Jesus, with Our Lady, was accompanying Gema’s father, together with his community, in praying the daily Rosary by video link. Thanks to these prayers, he is now back home slowly recovering his strength, having overcome the virus.

God was there when I left my father in the hospital when he could not breathe properly and the receptionist told me that they were going to be two days before they would have a room free for him.

That same evening, during adoration of the Blessed Sacrament organised by Pope Francis, I asked Jesus- through the intercession of various saints who are special to my father - that they might get him a room that same day. Within 10 minutes they called us from the hospital to tell us that they were taking him to a room. 

He was there in the last few days of my grandfather’s life, because he was able to receive Him sacramentally every day of the lockdown thanks to the priest and the parish eucharistic minister. He received the Urbi et Orbi  blessing of Pope Francis and died on the night of Easter Sunday. 

The Lord Gave Us Many Signs

Even in the middle of the pain of not being able to say goodbye to him, or visit his body in the chapel of rest, or go to his funeral, the Lord gave us many little signs in which He touched our hearts - like when I saw a crucifix formed by the Stations of the Cross, which finished with the image of a large Risen Jesus, on the wall of the room where my grandad died.

Saint Ignatius of Loyola says: “Man is created to praise, reverence, and serve God our Lord, and by this means to save his soul. And the other things on the face of the earth are created for man and that they may help him in prosecuting the end for which he is created”.

At this moment, God is inviting us to ask ourselves: do we really want to be a people of praise, and get rid of all that stops us from being so? Besides the battle against the virus, there is a spiritual battle- and praise plays a crucial role.

It is time for our praise to mature and to flow from our sad, tired and suffering hearts. Take heart, brothers and sisters of the English Renewal! You have been created to praise.

In the midst of the cross, when you raise up your song from your homes and communities, know that the God of Peace, who sustained us during these recent months, is also with you.

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