Detoxing All Of Me!

Author: Rita O'Neill

Detoxing All Of Me!

Last March, I was motivated to do a detox. Having heard of so many health benefits, it seemed to make perfect sense for me. Why would you not, I asked myself. It had clearly been tried and tested, with real people experiencing genuinely positive health changes.

Would I really lose these dangerous fats and rid my body of all its toxins? I would need to be disciplined, but I did not like this word when it came to what I really enjoy – my food!  However, to my pleasant surprise, it was not actually as impossible as I was anticipating.

What were the benefits?

My skin was smoother; some long lasting aches and pains subsided; my craving for unhealthy options was certainly reduced, and at the end my metabolism-what I call “my motor”-was running at optimum, like never before.

I was very impressed. Far from being a quick fix and disappointing fad, I am still benefiting from the ongoing effects nearly a year later.  This detox was very specific and had to be specifically followed to achieve the optimum results.  I did this, and reaped great results.

I had not considered how the principles of this detox could apply to my life on other levels.  What about the emotional me, the “behind the eyes” me? Or the part of me that resonates with what my faith believes, which seems to instinctively know right from wrong? How might the principles of this detox impact me at a far deeper level, of who I really am? 

The toxins of life

I realised that I do not know either what lies ahead in life and what the world will throw at me. It is an unknown, and this can create anxiety, which is toxic and unhelpful, and reaps nothing but further anxiety.  Could I not rid myself of toxins like that, along with other negatives in life on the inside which only bring stress and unhappiness?

Did I ever feel despondent with my faith because what I wanted was not happening?  At those times when it felt that way, was I applying all the solid advice as a Christian to live out my faith to the maximum? Was I responding to the invitation God offers me daily to follow Him in every way? If I was, would that not take me through these dips and out the other end, rather than floundering in my independence?

Essentially, I believe that God, who is so much greater than anything that life and the world can throw at me, cares and values me beyond my understanding.  He can influence that care over my life, but my part is specific.  I have to give space in my life for Him to do so. 

All of me matters

What benefits would a detox on the inner, spiritual part of me produce? I know that when I lean on what He promises for me, He helps me with my peace of mind and my confidence in what lies ahead.  In my life, I have experienced this so many times. What is the point in a great physical detox and an anxious, despondent, negative me?  All of me matters.  God holds that fact higher than I do. 

Lent is a great time to recognise that we need to change bad habits and consider both our physical and spiritual health.  My prayer is this: "Thank you, Lord, for the success of this detox on my body You have given me. Help me give You the space in my life to detox the rest of me."

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