Everyday Wonders: A Dig In The Ribs

Author: Jenny Baker

Picture: Pixabay

Everyday Wonders: A Dig In The Ribs

We are called to be brave and step out in faith...even on busy aeroplanes, says Jenny Baker.

Returning from a lovely holiday in Greece, I boarded the plane relaxed and set to finish the book I had been reading.

I found myself seated next to a very vocal man and his girlfriend. He was begging her to get him off the plane and was holding on to her like a child.

He did not look like someone who would easily be frightened. He was very tall, muscular and covered in tattoos.

His girlfriend was trying her best to distract him and remind him that, as they had arrived safely, getting back would be the same.

My natural reaction was to silently pray, and try to ignore what was going on. Once we were airborne, I hoped he would calm down and I could finish my book!

Fear And Anxiety

Once in the air, his anxiety did not fade. If anything, it got more physical. As he continually hit the headrest with the back of his head, he was very clearly unsure of where to put himself.

After a large gin and tonic, he relaxed a bit and explained that he was a scaffolder, and was used to heights, but terrified of flying.

He had a very loud voice and, when he said anything, most of the plane heard. As the descent began, his fear once again increased, as did the head banging and the desperation to get off the plane.

I felt the Holy Spirit digging me in the ribs, which I tried to ignore, knowing this could be so embarrassing as everyone would hear. Eventually, however, I knew I had to speak up.

The Power Of Prayer

I told him I was a Christian and believed in the power of prayer. Then I nervously offered to pray for him.

He leapt on the suggestion with a resounding “yes”! I asked him if I could lay my hand on his arm. I then prayed for peace and calm to descend.

Since he was so open to the prayer, when God gave me a word for him, I offered it without hesitation.

I felt the Lord ask me to tell him that in the times he was so alone as a child, God had always been with him.

This impacted him greatly and this big man started to gently weep.

As the tears rolled down his face, he explained to me that he had been in prison and done and seen the most dreadful things.

Wide-Eyed and Willing

As I prayed for him, his girlfriend was wide eyed. I could see she was moved, so I also offered to pray for her.

She, too, was very willing. I prayed, in the name of Jesus, for God to strengthen her and give her all she needed in her life.

I watched as God touched her and she gently cried. 

After this, there was a lot of interested chat and the man promised that from now on he would go to Church. I quietly explained it was best not to promise things unless you really mean it. I am sure he did in the moment.

I had the chance to tell his girlfriend about the Alpha course and suggested it would be a great way to find out more.

In A Tight Grip

As we were about to land, he insisted on holding my hand. I wondered what my husband thought, who was sitting in the seat behind, as I was in the tight grip of this great big man.

When we touched down, there were many loud bellows of “Alleluia, Alleluia”, as he told everyone that this woman had saved him!

I doubt if I will ever see them again and who knows what the Lord will do in their lives, but for me, it was such a lesson in obedience and wonder.

God uses us to witness to all sorts of people- if we take the risk, listen and respond to Him digging us in the ribs. 

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