Everyday Wonders: Courage In Hospital

Author: Maggie Dullaghan

Picture: Lydia, Flickr

Everyday Wonders: Courage In Hospital

Visiting her sick father in a busy hospital, Maggie Dullaghan felt called to stand up and be counted.

As my dad lay sleeping in a hospital bed, in a High Dependency Unit, I noticed a young man opposite in distress. 

Having broken his pelvis, both left and right side, he had already been in hospital for a week, and was unable to move.The doctors told him he would be in hospital for a lot longer, and they were waiting for a specialist to review his x-rays.

I felt prompted by the Holy Spirit to talk to him and offer to pray with him. Within me, there was that slight moment of ‘Lord, is that really You prompting me?’  

I prayed and starting to ask for confirmation that this is what I should do.I immediately heard these words: “Why would you not go and pray with this man? If not you, then who?” I also felt the Lord say: ‘You have an answer for him, and you have authority’.  

Stepping Out

I approached him and told him I could see he was in distress, and that I am a Christian. I asked if I could pray with him because I felt God wanted to do something. He immediately said yes. 

As well as praying for healing for a few minutes, I prayed that God would pour out His love and blessings upon him, and that he would come to know Jesus. He was very receptive to the prayer, and we had a good chat about God afterwards.

That afternoon, he asked a friend who was visiting him to take him outside in a wheelchair for fresh air. He said to me as he passed: ‘This is because of you!’  I was quick to remind him it was God who had touched him. 

Expectations Exceeded

Later we spoke again about the prayer. He said he had been unable to feel his feet, and felt great pain.  After the prayer, all the pain had gone, and he could now feel his feet. Praise Jesus. 

Within days, he was walking on crutches, and within a week, he went home. I really did not know what would happen once I had prayed with him, but this far exceeded my expectation.

It was a great blessing for me to see, and an affirmation for stepping out in faith. Since he left hospital, we have kept in touch, and I still keep him in prayer.

God Is Good

I also met a young man who had broken a bone at the top of his leg. The doctors told him he would be in hospital for months because the break was severe.  A foreigner, he had no family here, and his friends were in London.  

Whilst my dad had many visitors every day, this man had no one to visit him. I felt for him and spoke to him every day. Every night, before I left the hospital, I prayed with him and my dad. 

My dad was in hospital for a total of two weeks, and we celebrated his 90th birthday weeks later.  The second young man was out of hospital after three weeks.

God is so good! Scripture assures us of the power of healing prayer: “Pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” (James 5:16)

God calls us to step out in faith wherever we are. Our faith and boldness can really change lives.

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