Everyday Wonders: Faith, Hope and Healing

Author: Mary Ashley

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Everyday Wonders: Faith, Hope and Healing

Jesus is alive and bringing hope and healing today. Doubled up in agony at home, Mary Ashley explains how a friend's prayers helped her.

My sister and her husband were visiting us. We had just finished dinner and sat relaxing.

I began to feel uncomfortable in my right side of my stomach. Thinking this needed a trip to the bathroom, that was where I went.

After my visit there, I hoped the pain would ease but instead I felt a swelling now appearing very quickly.

Not to alarm my family, I rejoined them, hoping these symptoms would subside.

The pain was slowly increasing, so another visit was made to the bathroom, to no avail. I called my husband. I could not sit, stand or lie down and was getting panicky.

I have never had such intense pain.

Weak and Shaky

I must add that I have a very high pain threshold. I started to feel nauseous, weak and shaky. My sister came to see where I was and was shocked to see how ill I looked.

She phoned one of my sons, who is medically trained. When he arrived, they suggested I go to hospital, but the thoughts of going anywhere felt totally unacceptable.

I have a good friend and neighbour, Margaret, who is an A and E consultant. Even though by this time it was 10pm, my husband went to ask her advice.

Bless her- even though she was going to bed, she dressed and came to see me.

With great effort and pain, she helped me to lie down. She wanted to examine me but I could not bear to be touched.

Intense Pain

She was so concerned that she phoned for an ambulance, explaining that she was medically trained and that I was seriously ill.

She thought I had either a kidney stone, a twisted bowel or something else causing this intense pain. The ambulance service was very busy. After 20 to 30 minutes, we were still waiting.

Margaret asked if she could pray with me and I quickly agreed, as I have great faith in the power of prayer.

Jesus calls us to great faith and to expect that our prayers will be answered: “Whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.” (Matthew 21:22)

Margaret prayed, asking Jesus to take away whatever was the cause of this and to return me to full health.

"I have been healed!"

All the family were in the room. As Margaret prayed, I felt a great warmth and peace.

My shaking stopped, my high temperature became normal, the pain disappeared and the swelling had gone.

Margaret had left the room to call the ambulance again and I called out: "I have been healed! Please tell them not to come."

My family were so amazed and, in disbelief, I said again: "Jesus has healed me!" I stood up and walked around the room, which was wonderful.

Margaret insisted that I still go to the hospital. I saw a consultant there who carried out every necessary test and said that I was a mystery; they could not find anything wrong with me.

I thank God again for that healing and also for the fact that some of my family members are very weak in the practise of their faith. I pray that the good Lord will heal them, too. Alleluia!

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