Everyday Wonders: God in the Hairdressers

Author: Lesley Bailey

Picture: Pexels

Everyday Wonders: God in the Hairdressers

A trip to the hairdressers became an opportunity for God to show His healing power, explains Lesley Bailey.

I was in desperate need of a trip to the hairdressers to have my "natural" colour returned to my roots. I am not one of those organised people who book their hairdresser every six weeks. Mine is far more hit and miss, and often I shop around from place to place trying to find someone on the day.
As I got a last-minute appointment, my hairdresser this time was a girl who had recently returned to work after a span of sick leave.
Having recently moved from Wales, she was settling into her new town, but missing her family back home. We chatted about typical hairdressing topics like holidays, weekend activities and work.
I noticed she had placed me in a very low chair, as she was trying to find the best position for her arm, which had been the cause of her absence from work.
Knowing I was a nurse, she told me what had happened and the treatment she was receiving. It looked like she was heading down the inevitable path towards surgery, but was trying desperately to avoid it.

Being Available To God

I listened and sympathised and then our conversation moved on. Colour applied, I drank my tea, read my book and glanced in the mirror.
Another colour application customer sat next to me. As I gazed at our reflection I considered how identical we looked, and how this lovely hairdresser would see many like us come and go.
I suddenly felt challenged: would my conversation with her be different to any other? I realised it would not be any different unless I became available to what God had in mind for her.
With this in mind, I sent up an arrow prayer. “Lord you know her situation and what she is battling with,” I said. “If you want me to pray for her, I am willing."
I would certainly not describe myself as having a healing ministry. I am not an expert and do not have a theology degree. However, I do know that God will use our availability wherever we are in our walk with Him.  Though the words may not be perfect,  if we are willing, He will do the rest.

God is Extraordinary in the Ordinary

With this in mind, I waited.

When I went to pay, I was given a brief opportunity to step out in faith. I said to the girl, "Would you mind if I prayed for your arm as I believe God can heal today?" This bit always feels risky! To my amazement, she accepted the offer, in desperation for a cure.
I prayed briefly, with no finesse, and just used very simple and ordinary words. She thanked me and I left.
Two weeks later, I bumped into her and nervously asked her about her arm. She explained her arm was much improved but not completely healed. I silently thanked God, but felt I should not “jump on her” to pray again.
I did, however, tell her I would keep praying for her. She smiled and thanked me. God is good and I trust Him to bring completion and blessing to her: “He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 1:6)
I know that I am simply called to be obedient and available. God is extraordinary in the ordinary. We are His vessels and all the glory belongs to Him.

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