Everyday Wonders: Healing At Home

Author: Nicola Phoenix

Everyday Wonders: Healing At Home

Mum-of-seven Nicola Phoenix from Manchester explains what happened when she felt terrible abdominal pain.

I have been suffering with extreme pain in my upper abdomen for the last couple of years.

I have had all kinds of tests and tried a variety of medication, but still have no idea what causes it or what works best to shift it.

Last night, 8 September 2017, it reached a point where I honestly thought I would have to go to hospital, as I was in the most intense pain.

I was desperate. At the end of Mark’s Gospel, Jesus mentions the charism of healing and says that this will be a regular feature in the life and ministry of his followers: “They will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well.” (Mark 16:18)

My husband, Peter, called the children into our bedroom where they all prayed over me.

After a few minutes of prayer, I felt an amazing brightness and a warmth over me.

I honestly felt this was the hand of Jesus upon the area that was causing the pain.

When they finished praying, the pain had completely gone! I honestly believe that God healed me through the prayers of Peter and the children.

Age is irrelevant in healing prayer. It does not matter if prayers are coming from a 7 year old (the  age of the youngest person praying with me) or a 50 year old (the age of the eldest person praying with me), God simply hears that prayer and wants to heal-as He showed in a powerful way with my healing.

When the people who are praying are fully expectant that the Lord will show up and do something, I believe that prayer is even more powerful.

Praise God for His mighty healing power.

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