Everyday Wonders: Stepping Out At University

Author: Caitlin Plimmer

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Everyday Wonders: Stepping Out At University

Initially reluctant to share faith at university, Caitlin Plimmer explains how a word of knowledge led her from fear to courage.

It is sometimes hard at university. The culture of “anything goes” can make for a difficult environment in which to share faith.

Throughout my first year of university, studying theatre, I struggled with the preconceptions others had with regard to Catholicism.

Although I had some amazing discussions about God with some close friends, I did not instigate any faith conversations with people on my course for fear of being confronted with hard questions.

Bishop David Pytches, in his book Come Holy Spirit, defines a word of knowledge as “a fragment of knowledge, freely given by God, disclosing the truth which the Holy Spirit wishes to be made known concerning a particular person or situation.” (p99)

I received a word of knowledge in prayer ministry about reaching out in faith to those who were interested, and not holding back when it comes to being honest.

Joel’s Bar, the older stream of the Celebrate Family Conference, has grown into its own conference for young people. After spending a week there, a university friend asked where I had been.

My usual response was to say I had been on holiday with friends.

This time, with the word of knowledge ringing in my ears, I really felt the Lord telling me to be honest, and to let my friend know what I had really been doing.

Taking the plunge, I replied to his message truthfully. To my amazement, he wanted to learn more about my week and the teachings I had heard.

As our conversation progressed, I had the opportunity to explain different parts of the week, such as Mass and prayer ministry.

He even said he would come with me if a charismatic event was ever taking place near the university!

That one conversation gave me the confidence to reach out to others at university, and to not have the preconception that people do not want to hear about Jesus.

It has since led to a multitude of discussions with university friends, allowing me to be more of a witness of faith in my everyday life.

Whilst conferences are full of blessings, it is what we do with the blessings in our everyday life that help us walk in God’s ways.

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