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Faith & Belief - Five apps for Lent

Five apps for Lent

Still haven’t decided what to do during Lent? Or need some support to see your fasting through to Easter? Here are five free apps to help.

Faith & Belief - Prophecy: A Beginner’s Guide

Prophecy: A Beginner’s Guide

An introduction to the charismatic gift of prophecy, by Duncan Mitchell from the Cor et Lumen Christi Community.

Faith & Belief - The Gift – a life in the Spirit course

The Gift – a life in the Spirit course

An exciting new resource to help people encounter the Holy Spirit and share their faith.

Faith & Belief - Bible in a cardboard box

Bible in a cardboard box

My grandfather's prisoner-of-war diary helped me understand how God can speak to me through a dusty old Bible in a cardboard box.

Faith & Belief - Why I (sometimes) raise my hands

Why I (sometimes) raise my hands

We think nothing of raising our hands at a concert or a football match, so why would we think that it is a bizarre thing to do in church?

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