Five Pentecost Activities For Children (And Adults!)

Author: Sarah Beresford

Picture: Omer Wazir, Flickr

Five Pentecost Activities For Children (And Adults!)

Sarah Beresford offers some faith-building and inspirational ideas to celebrate Pentecost.

1. Bake a Cake

Many consider Pentecost to be the birthday of the Church.

Bake a birthday cake and have a party for the Church.  Play games like pin the spire on the church and musical statues.

Have a time of prayer and sing songs of praise. Pray in tongues, like the first disciples, and rejoice that the Holy Spirit comes to us anew.

2. Build a Fire

In Acts 2, we read that tongues of fire rested on the head of each disciple in the Upper Room.  God appeared as fire many times in the Old Testament, most famously as a burning bush that spoke to Moses.

The fire appearing in "tongues" reminds us that, as the Holy Spirit moved the disciples to speak of their faith, we, too, are encouraged by the same Spirit to speak of our faith.

Build a fire together, or use a chimenea, garden incinerator or a simple metal bucket. Toast marshmallows and tell stories as you watch the flames. 

This may be a good space for a time of repentance prayer.  Write your sins on a piece of paper and let it burn in the fire as a symbol of God's mercy destroying the sin.

3. Take a Windy Walk

A sign of the presence of the Holy Spirit in Acts 2 was a strong wind, recalling the creation story when the breath of God breathed life into us.

Find a spot to get blown away, such as a hill or along the sea front.  Alternatively, you may wish to go for a drive with the windows open and feel the power of the wind. 

Discuss how the power of the wind blows you about and creates excellent "bad-hair" moments.  Reflect on the power of the Holy Spirit, who is like both a strong wind and a gentle breeze, and give thanks together.

4. Light Candles

God is the light of the world, bringing light into darkness, which candles help us remember. 

Light plenty of candles, or switch on lots of lamps and fairy lights and torches-in fact, anything that lights up. This works best in the dark

Pray for the Church, for the world, for those you love and for those with no one to pray for them.

5. Build a Tent/Den/Fort

At Pentecost, the disciples were gathered in an upper room, huddled away.

Build a garden tent, a woodland den or a settee fort.  Fill it with blankets, cushions and tell stories of faith together, as Peter spoke to the people at the first Pentecost.  Huddle up and take time to listen to the Lord for words of prophecy. Share these words with each other.

Inspired by the Holy Spirit, the people ask Peter, "What should we do?" He replies, ‘Repent, and be baptised every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ so that your sins may be forgiven; and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.’  (Acts 2:37-38)  

Enjoy this Pentecost as a gift from the Lord who calls you.

  • Sarah Beresford and her husband David are the Directors of the Catholic Bible School.  Their mission is to help people find God in the words of the Bible and grow in an ever-deeper relationship with Jesus. For more information, visit:

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