Gather Online: Encountering Jesus Anew

Author: Pippa Baker

Picture: One Hope Project

Gather Online: Encountering Jesus Anew

One Hope Project helped Catholics all over the world encounter Jesus in new ways in their Gather Online sessions during lockdown, as Pippa Baker explains.

Back in April, a member of One Hope Project (OHP), Tom Pugh, had just been to Mass online and then decided to watch the Easter service from Holy Trinity, Brompton. Whilst he was watching it, he encountered the Holy Spirit in a really significant way.

God gave him an idea for a pre-recorded online ‘service’, led by One Hope Project. The primary aim of this was to bring the members of One Hope Project together from across the UK to worship.

However, as the making of it grew, they knew this was not just for them. They desired for this to be accessed by the wider church online, giving Catholics all over the world an opportunity to encounter Jesus in a new way in their homes, alongside going to Mass online.

Leading Viewers To A Place Of Prayer

A very simple format, Gather Online was hosted by someone from OHP, featured 3 pre-recorded songs of worship led by the OHP band and a short message from someone in the community. It ended with the opportunity to receive prayer ministry on Zoom.

All of this was meant to lead the viewer into a place of prayer and to help them grow in hope over such a difficult time.

Over the course of April, May and June, One Hope Project launched 5 Gather Online episodes on YouTube and saw thousands of people all over the globe touched by the Holy Spirit.

On the Pentecost Sunday episode, they partnered with The NSC. Watch this epidode here:

Messages And Testimonies Of Hope

Later in July, they teamed up with theASCENT to do a special for Catholic teenagers. OHP Gather Online episodes are all still available to view on One Hope Project’s YouTube channel here.

Here are a couple of messages One Hope Project received from people following the Gather Online episodes:

“I just want to say: wow. I checked out OHP Gather Online recently and it blew me away. I have been struggling so much to enter properly into worship since lockdown began. But something really clicked when I put Gather Online on at home before Mass last Sunday. It was a proper Heaven-touching-Earth moment. God has really worked through you all in my life to remind me that He is GOOD, and He is LOVE, and He is HERE WITH US through all of this.”

“I’ve been a practising Catholic my whole life and am an active member of a very traditional parish, but have always had an interest in youth ministry and praise and worship. Since lockdown began, I have noticed a real gap in my life that is usually filled with talking about faith and singing with my students at school and I’ve been struggling to connect with online masses. BUT-what I’ve just watched has set a fire in me! Thank you so much for your words. I found what you said so relatable and really appreciate your fresh perspective! I’ll be tuning in again for sure.”

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