Get On Board With The Celebrate Sailing Mission!

Author: Russ Fairman

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Get On Board With The Celebrate Sailing Mission!

We aked Russ Fairman to share his vision for the Celebrate Sailing Mission-and how you can get involved with this exciting mission opportunity.

Russ, tell us about this Sailing Mission.

Our Sailing Mission is to form a ring of Intercessory prayer, praise and worship around Britain, linking Celebrate Weekends and Joel’s Bar locations, many of which are either on, or near, a coastal harbour.  Our aim is to bless and promote our Celebrate Weekends, creating fellowship in the Celebrate family and reaching out. The boat will be highly visible with Celebrate and Good News banners, so our harbour gatherings provide an opportunity to spread the Good News in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Starting in Southampton at the end of April, the mission will be crewed by different representatives from each of the Celebrate Weekends and Joel’s Bar, for one or more days on a leg of the voyage. Intercessory prayer, praise and worship will take place at Celebrate Weekend harbour locations, with a ceremonial ‘Pass It On’ handover of a Celebrate Mission prayer scroll, until the ring of prayer is complete by mid-July. 

What inspired you to create this sailing mission?

I felt inspired to give individual Celebrate Weekend teams and participants an opportunity to share in a common activity and build extended relationships. Sailing is a great way to get to know people, to share an experience in God’s creation, and form a ring of intercessory prayer around Britain.

I also know God uses our interests. I really love the story where Jesus asks very experienced fisherman to push out again, defying all the odds, to deliver a very tangible and personal experience of God’s providence and love. I believe God, through His Spirit, will touch many lives in a new way through this Sailing Mission.

What is your own involvement with Celebrate?

We’re a fully-fledged Celebrate family and our association goes back decades. Three of our children met their spouses at Celebrate, and we have all developed a deeper faith. My wife, Deirdre, and I formerly led Little Lights, and now serve on the core team of Celebrate Southampton. We believe in the amazing gift of Celebrate in bringing renewal, unity and faith formation for families.

What do you hope people will experience?

Through fun, fellowship and wonderment, I hope sailing participants experience a deep joy and a sense of shared identity.  The physical prayer scroll contains intentions from each weekend, whilst other prayers will be gathered from the Sailing Mission Facebook page.
Those involved in the harbourside gatherings are key to the Sailing Mission. I see these gatherings as unique opportunities for outreach, as we praise God and evangelise, offering people prayer, inviting them to local Celebrate weekends, and sharing the wonders God has done in our lives.
Other sailors, and members of the public, will see our Mission boat banners and hear our passionate praise of the Lord, and experience our joy. It’s an opportunity to be courageous, to play our part in God's plan and reach out.
Having sailed offshore for over 30 years, I am an RYA Cruising Instructor. I am also a Mate with the Rona Sailing Project, helping young adults and special needs groups gain life skills that sailing in a team can enhance. The Mission Boat is a 35’ bermuda-rigged sloop, so sailing participants will be well looked after and safety will be paramount.
My dream is that others will be inspired to use their own personal interests, skills and creativity in sharing the Gospel.
  • Interested? For further information on participating in the Sailing Mission, please contact Russ:

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