"Go With Greater Strength!" CCR Regional Days

Author: Maria Heath

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"Go With Greater Strength!" CCR Regional Days

Inspired by Pope Francis, NSC Chair Maria Heath explains why the exciting "Go With Greater Strength" regional days will help create a bright future for CCR.

“Fifty years is a good moment in life to stop and reflect. It is the moment for reflection: halfway through life. And I would say to you: it is the moment to go ahead with greater strength, leaving behind the dust of time that we have allowed to accumulate, being thankful for what we have received and facing the new with trust in the action of the Holy Spirit!”  (Pope Francis’ address to CCR on the Eve of Pentecost, 2017)

Why are the National Service Committee (NSC) organising Regional Days? The aim of these days is distinctive; that within each region all the various groups, communities and ministries and individuals will come together and reflect on how we can go with greater strength.

In fact, simply by gathering together, ‘One in the Spirit’, we will already be moving forward in greater strength! There is no need to book for these days. Simply turn up and bring a packed lunch-all are welcome.

Rich Diversity and the "One Current of Grace"

We thank the Lord that we are blessed with such a rich diversity of expressions within Catholic Charismatic Renewal in England.

As well as prayer groups and communities, we have various ministries and initiatives that reflect the many gifts and graces the Spirit gives. We can be grateful that each expression has something unique to offer.

Pope Francis reminds us that CCR is part of the one current of grace, which is an ecumenical grace. During the Jubilee celebrations, he said we are to be a ‘reconciled diversity’.

This is an acknowledgement that there are so many different groups, communities and ministries within this one current of grace, which brings a richness along with many differences, and yet we are called to be reconciled with one another.

Yet often we can operate within our own groups with little reference to any other group. Fundamentally, then, we are called to build relationships with one another. The Regional Days will help us do this.

Sharing The Richness

Key leaders will be invited to come an hour earlier to meet some of the NSC and to network with other leaders. This will be an important part of the gathering and an opportunity to share the richness of each particular group.

I would like to especially thank the Diocesan Service Teams and others who are supporting this initiative by helping to organise venues and hospitality. There is a huge amount of work that has gone into these days by local people, for which we are very grateful.

Most of the gatherings begin at 11am and will end at 3pm. The Leaders' Meeting takes place beforehand from 10am-11am and will be by invitation.

New Beginnings, New Life

Recently I have been reflecting on new beginnings and new life. Scripture reminds us that God’s mercy is new each day: “The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.” (Lamentations 3: 22-24)

No matter what has gone before, we know, by faith, that ‘today’ is a new day, with new opportunities to experience the love of God and to make His love known.

We look forward to each of the Regional Gatherings and the new life and graces the Lord will pour out on us, as He empowers us to go forward in His strength.

Here are the dates, times and venues. Keep updated through the website and CCR Facebook page.

NORTH-EAST ‘GO WITH GREATER STRENGTH’ GATHERING: 11 May 2019 - Serving Hexham & Newcastle, Middlesborough, Hallam & Leeds Dioceses.

 Venue: Holy Rosary Church, Chapeltown Rd, Leeds, LS7 4 BZ 11am-3pm Main gathering

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