"If I Were Prime Minister..."

Author: Andy Drozdziak

Picture: Flickr, Defence Images

"If I Were Prime Minister..."

In the election season, children share their policy ideas as they imagine life at 10 Downing Street.

Luca,age 6:

"I would help doctors to make people better and help bakers make bread for hungry people. I would help poor people get more money and help orphanages."

Jamie, age 11:

"I would raise taxes for rich people to pay for the creation of new jobs. I would invest money in the police and pay teachers and nurses more. There would be more speed cameras to save lives. University would be free. I would ban the ivory trade and limit fast food shops". 

Hannah, age 13:

"I would bring in policies to force farms and shops to throw away less food and encourage the use of renewable energy. I would improve the NHS and provide more care for the homeless and refugees. I would install black boxes in every car so people drive better. I would encourage home education and introduce a four-day working week. I would make smoking illegal and lego cheaper.”

Benedict, age 9:

“I would make lego a lot cheaper and give the poor lots more homes. We could help people and educate them to understand the world and its problems. I would encourage girls and boys to play football and make it easier for unemployed people to find jobs. Some people make fake products and we could create a security scan to check if they are legal or not.”

Elizabeth, age 7:

“Compulsory fitbits should be given to everyone to help them be thin and get healthy.”

Darcy, age 6:

“If I saw someone on the streets, and they were poor, I would give them a home.  People with too much electronics should have them taken away for a week and come off Facebook.”

Rachel, age 11:

“I would ensure fair working hours and that people are paid a reasonable amount of money, depending on their job. Teachers should get a pay rise and there should be improved working conditions for NHS staff.”

Zach, age 9:

“Give money to old people's homes, because they need people to help run homes and nursing and more equipment to help ill people. I would spend more on new ambulances and give more money to the NHS. There should be no nuclear weapons as innocent people should not be harmed.”

Joe, age 11:

“I would create a new back-up power to help fight cyber crime and computer viruses in the NHS, which could help save lives. I know it sounds a lot, but every mile or so, I’d like to see a little shelter or home for anyone on the streets to sit or sleep. People in those places could help them find a place to stay.” 

Micah, age 3:

"I would play choo-choo trains."

  • Many thanks to the fabulous children, and their parents, who took part in this questionnaire.

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