In My Weakness I Am Strong

Author: Jenny Osterfield

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In My Weakness I Am Strong

After suffering from a severe disability, and having a phobia of using phones, Jenny Osterfield thought she had misheard when she felt the Lord call her to a telephone healing ministry. A year on, Jenny explains how God can use our weaknesses to build His Kingdom.

“WHAT? Lord, you must be joking!”

This was my reaction to the Lord asking me to start a telephone healing prayer ministry.

I have a phobia about using the telephone-and, as for praying with people I can’t see, forget it! I had just emerged from a crippling disability, ‘dropped head syndrome’, for which there is no cure.

My chin rested on my chest making swallowing and breathing difficult, I could only see the floor, had no balance and could barely walk a few steps. Dribbling food down my front, with a face resembling a fat cheeked chipmunk, I lost my dignity and identity.

I moaned at God, begging him to heal me. “What good am I like this to you, Lord?” Slowly, and miraculously, my head lifted and, fifteen months after it dropped, I felt able to pick up my life and ask him: “What next, Lord?”

Doors Miraculously Open

The doors for this healing ministry miraculously opened as part of ADoRE, the online Alton Day of Renewal, and is run using just one mobile phone purchased from eBay, a £6.00 sim, and a few experienced volunteers.

We have taken 382 calls and prayer requests during our first year. I guess the question is: Does prayer for healing work? Does God miraculously heal today? It can sometimes be easier to accept a healing miracle at Lourdes than to get our heads around the fact that God can, and does, heal through the prayers of ordinary people.

For us, this ministry is all about love. By offering a safe place for people to go in times of struggle, we act as a beacon of God’s love, shining in the darkness of human tragedy. We have learnt to cry with those who cry, and rejoice with those who rejoice. Many wounded and broken people have received a lifting of depression, a new sense of peace, a release from fear, or a tangible feeling of God’s presence.

It has been a joy to watch the healing power of the Holy Spirit bringing people into a new relationship with our loving Father God, a new understanding of forgiveness through the cross of Christ, or Baptism in the Holy Spirit. As for physical healings, many have successfully come through surgical procedures, pain has gone in shoulders, wrists, heels and backs, and the burning itch of eczema.

No Prayer Goes Unanswered

It is true that we can pray with people who are not healed, but what I have come to understand is that God doesn’t deliver miracles every day like the morning newspaper. Whilst we pray, it is God who does the healing- not always how we wish, but no prayer goes unanswered.

In my own case, I have been partially healed. I remain crippled although my head has lifted, but through this God has shown me that my identity is in being His beloved child and not in my disability. This has been my biggest healing.

God has sent his Holy Spirit to live in each one of us who love and believe in Jesus. He empowers us to live the way God wants us to live, in the power of his name. If he prompts you to pray with someone for healing, I pray you will have the courage to take this step of faith-and be amazed at what he will do.

  • Read some more testimonies from the telephone healing ministry here. The page also includes information on how to contact ADoRE for prayer.

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