Inspiring and Uplifting: Books To Be Blessed By

Author: Andy Drozdziak, CCR Web Editor

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Inspiring and Uplifting: Books To Be Blessed By

Which books can inspire us in our walk with the Lord?

Heart Fire by Johannes Hartl

Johannes Hartl welcomes us into the radical ride of a life dedicated to prayer. His honesty and creativity has illuminated my vision to what prayer can be and his thirst for beauty and brilliance draws up a new yearning in the heart of the reader. Heart Fire has convinced me not only of the power and splendour of living in God's gaze, but the very necessity of it. Our lives make very little sense without it. This book will challenge you to live more courageously, risk your reputation for something that's greater and bigger, and equip you with tools to keep the fire burning. I regularly found myself saying "wow" out loud.               Pippa Baker

Jesus and the Jewish Roots of Mary: Unveiling the Mother of the Messiah by Brant Pitre

If you're anything like me, you may have had a bumpy ride of working out why the Catholic Church honours Mary so highly. Dr Brant Pitre takes us on a journey through scripture, Jewish tradition, and early Christian writings to show us how Catholic beliefs about Mary are based on our understanding of who Jesus is. If you love scripture, then you will love the interpretation of the Old Testament in light of the New Testament contained in these pages. If you love Jesus, then you will love the way his identity and purpose as the messiah comes alive. If you love our Blessed Mother, Mary, then you will love how she is presented as a strong woman, vital to God's plan of salvation. If you have questions, then hopefully you will find some answers. Gemma Wildsmith

Evangelising the Baptised by Jonathan Cotton

Many Catholics don’t know where to start in responding to the New Evangelisation. Referring to key Church documents from recent popes, Evangelising the Baptised offers Catholics the tools to share the basic Gospel message. Highlighting the six points from the popular Philip course, Fr Jonathan Cottton, who founded the Nottingham Pilgrims Community, emphasises the need for each person to personally experience the unconditional love of God the Father and the saving power of Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit. He also includes a marvellous prayer for “my own personal Pentecost.” Using examples from his own testimony, he shows how it is possible to be part of a joyful and loving Church which is growing and on the move. This book is not for the spectator and requires a concrete response-which, hopefully, will set hearts on fire. It also comes with a CD of useful resources. Andy Drozdziak

Surprised By The Spirit by Charles Whitehead

Charles Whitehead has faithfully served CCR for over 40 years and shares his story in an inspiring autobiography. He tells of his dramatic conversion and infilling of the Holy Spirit. It is a story of serving others and sharing the Gospel with joy. His story of founding the Celebrate conference with his wife Sue is inspiring, requiring faith, perseverance, courage and joy. Charles’ book is an encouragement, and challenge, to use our natural and supernatural God-given gifts to build God’s Kingdom-and to not let anything stand in our way. Andy Drozdziak

Transformed by Christy Wimber

Christy is a speaker, pastor and author who has travelled widely in the service of the Lord. In ‘Transformed’ she offers beautiful insights on trust and surrender as key aspects of how the Father brings transformation to our lives. She has written with a vulnerability that will put you in touch with your own deepest desire to be profoundly changed by Jesus. Gerard Pomfret

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