Jesus, C.S. Lewis and The Way Of Vulnerability

Author: Fr Chris Thomas

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Jesus, C.S. Lewis and The Way Of Vulnerability

Creative thinker Simon Sinek has spoken of the importance of being vulnerable. Chris Thomas says we need to face our own pain if we are to understand the power of Jesus and the power of the cross, pointing to C.S. Lewis' classic The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe for inspiration.

One of my favourite books is C.S. Lewis’ ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’. It’s a fantastic story of four children and their encounter with the Lion, Aslan, in the magical land of Narnia, a place where it is always winter, a place held in the grip of evil.

Aslan’s battle with evil results in his becoming vulnerable. He is bound and eventually killed on the great stone altar as the children watch from a distance. That’s not the end of the story and Aslan rises again to bring freedom to Narnia.

For Christians, it’s Jesus' death on the Cross that has overcome the great battle. It’s his death and resurrection that transforms the whole of creation. Jesus, the human face of God, out of love, becomes vulnerable and powerless, absorbing into himself the mess, transforming it and breaking its power.

It’s not the powerful way that God chooses. It’s the weak, broken way of the cross-and it’s only those who are in touch with their own brokenness and vulnerability who really understand it.

Watch Simon Sinek's short video on How To Start Being More Vulnerable here:

Death Is The Only Way To Life

We have to face our own pain to understand the cross, and to be able to proclaim the cross-otherwise it’s just another philosophy.

We have to know in our lives that death is the only way to life.Sadly many people don’t understand the way of the cross. The world avoids pain and brokenness. Most of us would rather do anything than become vulnerable.

We build ourselves up with our own false illusions about the world and life. We pretend we’ve got it all together; we try and stay in control. St Paul tells us that Christianity communicates a type of knowledge which goes beyond our petty attempts to believe that we’re important, and that we’ve got it together.

It’s the wisdom of God: life comes through death, brokenness is the way to wholeness and the cross is the way to life.

Allow Love To Transform You

The way of Jesus is about facing our vulnerability and trusting that, through it, life will come.

When we look at the cross, we don’t just see a 2000 year old event. We see every moment when we have died within, every moment of rejection and pain that we’ve experienced, every moment of isolation and disappointment, every hope and dream that has been crushed- and we see it all in the broken bruised body of the lamb hanging on the cross. Learn how to weep; learn to see your pain in the cross of Jesus. Allow love to transform you.

In ‘The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe’, Aslan dares to believe that, from his death, life will come. Dare we have that sort of courage when we face the cross? Do we choose to believe that, from our vulnerability, God will be victorious-and can we proclaim that to the world? That’s faith to live by.

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