Life in the Spirit Seminars and Young People

Author: Maureen Clarke

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Life in the Spirit Seminars and Young People

Maureen Clarke shares her experience of helping primary school children find faith in Jesus through Life in the Spirit seminars.

I ask all of you organise Life in the Spirit seminars in your parishes and schools to share Baptism in the Spirit. -Pope Francis, 2015

Perhaps, as the new school year starts, you would like to consider giving your children the opportunity to open wide their hearts to the life-changing power and love of the Holy Spirit.

We tend to think that “Life in the Spirit Seminars” are for adults, but many children have so far experienced the transformative power through the ‘Life in the Spirit Seminars’ written specially for them.

Faith comes alive in Inner-City Manchester

At an inner-city school in Manchester where I taught for many years, children from Key Stage 2 came together last thing on a Friday afternoon to praise and worship the Lord through lively singing and dancing. Readings adapted to the childrens’ age-range and a period of silent meditation were also used.

Our school chaplain, Fr. Pat Deegan, regularly came into school to praise the Lord with us. Fr. Pat then asked me to write “Life in the Spirit Seminars” for the children.

Fr. Pat was delighted with the content and delivery of the Seminars, along with the children’s response to the five-week course.

He then suggested it should be filmed, so that it could be shared with other schools and churches. The film includes the five talks, the children praising the Lord in song and contributing to the delivery of the talks. It is all child-friendly.

The talks lead up to the children being prayed with for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on week 4. Without fail, every time the Seminars have been delivered, week 4 has been so very moving.

The Holy Spirit takes over

Each time I have delivered the Seminars, I have been aware of the power of the Holy Spirit taking over and working in our children. Even children with a few problems seem to become calm and engrossed in the sessions.

The seminars can be delivered to up to 100 children, or to an individual class/group.

To deliver these Seminars, everything you need is on the DVD. A song sheet is provided so your children can join with the children on the DVD in praising the Lord.

Week 4 demonstrates how to organise praying with the children-and their parents, if they so wish.

“Walking With Jesus” is a child-friendly book of Gospel stories, I wrote it to enable children to enter more fully into the Gospels, to feel part of them and experience Jesus more deeply through the Gospel stories.

Here is an image of the book:

-If you would like a copy of the DVD or a book, please email Maureen:

DVD-£7.00 including p&p 

"Walking With Jesus" book -£10.00 including p&p

No need for payment until you receive the goods.

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