Moment Of Opportunity 2021: "Prophetic Leaders For Times Of Crisis"

Author: Charles Whitehead

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Moment Of Opportunity 2021: "Prophetic Leaders For Times Of Crisis"

"God is calling us to know the times we are in. He has anointed us for today and we need to know what he is saying-otherwise the world will undermine and dilute our faith."-Damian Stayne

Charles Whitehead shares the story of Moment Of Opportunity 2021.

On Saturday February 2021, we held our annual Moment of Opportunity Conference attended by almost 100 invited leaders in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR), thirty of whom were first timers and mostly younger leaders. The Conference normally takes place over two days at the High Leigh Christian Centre, but in the current lockdown we met for the day on Zoom.

Inspired by the ecumenical Charismatic Leaders Conference, Moment of Opportunity (MOP) was the vision of Damian Stayne as an opportunity for invited leaders from the many expressions of the CCR to meet for fellowship, prayer, sharing, and to receive teaching on topics of current importance. The vision is simple: "Moment of Opportunity exists to connect and refresh Charismatic Renewal leaders while enabling them to stay true to the prophetic vision of the CCR."

This year's Conference was organised by a small team consisting of Damian Stayne, Will Desmond, Eddie Drozdziak and Em Leakey, and was greatly appreciated by the participants. Under our title " Prophetic Leaders For Times of Crisis", three invited speakers shared their experience from situations where Christianity is ignored, rejected or under attack. 

The Word Of God Is To Be Master Of Our Lives

Following a brief welcome and prayer, Tom Aston led us in a time of praise, after which Damian Stayne shared his prophetic insights into what CCR leaders are facing today as we seek to be faithful to our calling. He acknowledged that what he felt called to share was not totally new, but was a reminder that God is calling us to know the times we are in. He has anointed us for today and we need to know what he is saying, otherwise the world will undermine and dilute our faith. The Word of God is to be the master of our lives - this is what it means to be prophetic.

Following a short break, our first guest speaker, Ryan Christopher, Director of ADF (International) UK, spoke about challenging the secular storm today, so that there is space for the truth and for individuals to be free to grow in our secular society.

The idea that state and institution draw on religious roots is now said to be false, tolerance is very selective, and the secularising state is claiming rights over us. Yet we are still a strong minority, and we need to know what are the key things we need to do today. Ryan's helpful input was followed by an opportunity to ask questions, after which there was a time of sharing in small groups, leading to a break for lunch.

Have A Definite Vision Of What The Lord Is Asking

The afternoon began with a short time of praise, after which Charles Bastian from Jesus Youth, India, spoke to us from his experience in developing and expanding the exciting ministry of Jesus Youth in a country where Christianity was often restricted and under attack. What he shared made clear the importance of having a definite vision of what the Lord is asking, of seeing beyond the current situation and remaining committed to God's perspective. Again there was an opportunity to ask questions, followed by a short break.

Our third speaker was Stacey Campbell, joining us from Canada, a highly respected and widely travelled prophetic independent church expert. Stacey works with many different churches worldwide to promote Christian unity, setting up practical ministry to those in need-wherever this might be. She reminded us that we are called to move out and to be active disciples in the market place, so that there will be a great release of the prophetic and the miraculous among us, particularly many more words of knowledge. She exhorted us never to be afraid, and finished with a powerful time of prayer.

The day concluded with prayer ministry in small groups, and a challenge to  focus on what we had heard during the day. This was followed by a closing song of praise and a blessing from Fr. Mark White. The whole day had addressed our theme "Prophetic Leaders for Times of Crisis" from different aspects, and I'm sure that every participant gained a much better appreciation of what we are called to be and to do in these challenging days. It's always encouraging to share a day with other gifted leaders in the Charismatic Renewal, so roll on February 2022-the time of our next Moment of Opportunity.

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