Myles Dempsey 1928-2018

Author: Charles Whitehead

Picture: Mike J. Davis

Myles Dempsey 1928-2018

Charles Whitehead remembers Myles Dempsey, one of the great pioneers of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, who died on June 12 2018 aged 90.

Myles was a key leader in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR) from its early days in the UK right up to the day he went home to the Lord.

Probably best known for founding the Holy Spirit-inspired, hugely influential, annual New Dawn Pilgrimage and Conference at Walsingham, Myles contributed much more than this to the growth, teaching, and wide-scale ministry of the Renewal for almost 50 years.

The Prince of Peace Community, which he founded, had a number of homes in different parts of the country before finally settling in Liverpool, and its ministry influenced so many people.

 A Powerful Ministry

The prayer groups he started in Soho and in every location where he lived, the Westminster/Euston Days of Renewal, the regular Life in the Spirit Seminars through which hundreds were baptised in the Spirit, his teachings at so many Renewal events: all these are just the more public evidence of his powerful ministry.

In addition, his personal counseling and prayer ministry touched and changed innumerable spiritual lives.

I first met Myles at the monthly Westminster Days of Renewal and was immediately aware that he carried a remarkable anointing of the Holy Spirit.

This never left him, and over the forty years I was privileged to count him a real friend in the Lord, I saw lives transformed before my eyes as he ministered to people both in public and in private.

So Many Blessed and Inspired

He was so greatly used by the Lord because he took every possible opportunity. Every new year, he would seek the Lord for a new prophetic word for the CCR, often with striking results.

 Myles was never afraid to do what he felt the Lord was asking, and over the years this resulted in hundreds being blessed and inspired.

 I counted my time with him as one of God’s greatest blessings. He served as a member of the National Service Committee (NSC) for England for a number of years, and was always available for wise advice and prayer.

A Remarkable Man of God

At his side, throughout his public ministry and service, was his ever-supportive, encouraging and faithful wife, Joan.

She, most certainly, was God's choice for Myles, anointed and equipped to be exactly the person he needed at his side, giving him the freedom to respond to the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

He will be greatly missed by Joan and so many others-a quite remarkable man of God to whom we all owe so much.                                                                                                                             

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