Night Of Light

Author: Miryam Stayne

Night Of Light

Cor et Lumen Christi's Miryam Stayne explains how attending a Night of Light event at Halloween can inspire us to be saints. 

The Night of Light is an international initiative founded by Damian Stayne in 2000, aiming to reclaim Halloween for Christ and his Church.

The Night of Light is made up of four main elements: Treats and fun for children (games, dressing up etc) including a simple child friendly liturgy; a vigil Mass for the feast of All Saints with a time of Adoration of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament; placing a light in your window; finally, for those who can, wearing a piece of white clothing as a sign of the light of Christ.

The Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales and the Vatican Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelisation have both given their endorsement.

Joy and Light

Since the age of 2, I have been attending and now helping with Night of Light parties and celebrations. It is something I look forward to every year because of the joy and light which surrounds the whole event.

Watch the video below about how it all started and see one of our Night of Light parties: 

When I was in primary school, I remember how excited my friends were when I handed them an invitation to my Night of Light parties. My parents knew that our Night of Light parties needed to be more fun than trick or treating or any other Halloween party. They made sure that most of the activities included an aspect of light.

So we made bracelets and necklaces with glow in the dark beads. We also made our own candles, and collage pictures to do with light. We played lots of games which were just lots of fun (see website below for game ideas).

My parents wanted my friends to link fun and joy to the real meaning of Halloween.

What Will My Friends Think?

At the end of the night, after all the fun and games, we went into the chapel for a time of silence and prayer in front of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, and sang a litany to the Saints, including all our patrons.

When I was younger, I remember thinking: what will my friends think of this part? Fortunately they loved it. They felt special that there was a special person up in heaven with their name who is praying for them here on earth.

I used to love dressing up as different saints, and learnt so much about them at the same time. Something about the whole experience really brought the saints to life for me and my friends. I remember thinking I could actually become a saint. As Saint John Paul II said: "Do not be afraid to be the saints of the new millennium."

Night of Light is now being run in many countries around the world and I would really encourage you to get involved with this movement, with all or even one of the elements, with a big group or even in your own home.

For information and game ideas, visit:

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