One Hope Project: Worshipping Jesus Is Key

Author: Pippa Baker

One Hope Project: Worshipping Jesus Is Key

One Hope Project's worship programmes are teaching young people that worshipping Jesus is the key to facing any battle, writes Pippa Baker.

One Hope Project recently hosted their second residential worship weekend in the amazing grounds of SPEC in Pinner, North London. Surrounded by festoon lights, Bible passages on placards and art created by OHP artists the weekend was focused on the amazing story of the people of Judah in 2 Chronicles 20 and the power of worship.

This spotlighted how worshipping Jesus is the key to any battle we may be facing. They had attendees from all over England, as well as from Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Netherlands, and Slovenia. 

Following The Holy Spirit

One Hope Project love to equip people to worship God through different creative means and so they hosted five different worship workshops: worshipping God through rhythm, movement, art, spoken word and photography. They also hosted a communal session for all participants on ‘vocal freedom’ and singing out our own song of praise to God.

Extended times of worship were beautiful, with OHP’s well loved ‘No Agenda’ taking place on Saturday evening – a time of worship with no pre-planned set list, emphasising following the Holy Spirit and encouraging people to pray and prophesy on the microphone.

Speakers for the weekend included Paul Kidd from Craig Lodge Mission House, pastor of IMPRINT Church Wole Agbaje, Reuben Williams from Gas Street Church Birmingham, Fr Columba Jordan from the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal and worship leaders Ela Kalicka and Lizzi Amartey.

A Celebration of the OHP Academy

The weekend was also a celebration of The OHP Academy – One Hope Project’s online worship school which has taken place over the last 6 months. This was the third year of the school and saw 22 participants graduating at the weekend. OHP have now graduated 51 people from 9 different Nations over 3 years. 74% of students have been under 35. Below are some testimonies from the Academy's participants from this year:

The skills that I’ve learnt during the last six months on The Academy are going to fuel the next six months, six years, sixty years of worship and more because I’ve been taught that we’re made to worship eternally.

-Lorley, 20 

It’s been such a blessing this year, having the ability to receive quality input every other week from different people has been incredible and the mentoring and managing too. We all thought it was going to just be about music technicalities, but it’s been about theology, creativity, prayer, worship in every aspect of life. I feel so equipped and so ready to live a life of worship now because of what I’ve received from The Academy.” 

-Michael, 29

Before The Academy I felt God had called me to something, but I didn’t know how to go about it and then I got in touch with One Hope Project, and I was invited to come on the journey of The Academy. It has been so special for me. It has provided me with a toolkit of what it means not only to lead worship but what it means to be a worshipper. I feel, after The Academy that this is my identity, that I am a worshipper.

-Amanda, 20 

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