Pentecost Reimagined

Author: Greg Finn

Picture: Pixabay

Pentecost Reimagined

Greg Finn gives a unique insight into the power of Pentecost with this guided meditation.

Dawn rises over Jerusalem and a shard of light breaks through a crack in the shutters. 

The single beam does little to illuminate the darkness of the upper room. It is here that you and the other followers of Jesus have waited obediently, locked away as the Holy City hums to the rhythms of festival preparation. It is seven weeks since Passover, the feast of Shavu’ot has arrived. Yet here there is an eerie stillness.

"Do not leave Jerusalem,” Jesus had instructed. “You will be baptised with the Holy Spirit."

He had been so calm and assured, promising an even greater future for you all. Yet how can anything be better without him? He disappeared from your view ten days back and it feels as though all your strength left with him.

He Had Not Given Up On You

Despite this, you are still determined to block out the doubts and stay. Though you had fled when he was arrested, the risen Jesus had not lost faith in you. Even death could not prevent him from being back by your side. He had not given up on you and this time you will not let him down. 

You are suddenly startled as a fist crashes into the low wooden table positioned in the centre of the room. 

"When? When will it be?" Simon Peter lets out an exasperated cry. His patience is waning. He hauls himself up and moves towards the window. He nudges open the shutter and peers into the street below anxiously.

By the staircase, a group of women huddle together, their heads veiled. Among them you see a face which catches your eye. It is captivating in its serenity.

Auburn eyes glisten and a tender and contented smile rests on her lips. Jesus's mother sits with an air of calm expectancy. You wonder if she has been endowed with an understanding of the Holy Spirit that none of you others possess.

A Violent Wind

As you consider this, you are distracted by a coolness on your cheek. A breeze begins to whisper through your hair.

Without further warning, the room becomes a mêlée of panic and scrambling bodies. The whole place is blasted by a wind more violent than any of the raging storms you have experienced on the Sea of Galilee.

This is impossible! Your heart pounds within your chest. However, the alarm is infused with an excitement, a realisation that what was promised has arrived!

The whole building shudders and with an almost deafening roar, a blazing mass of flame engulfs the ceiling above you! Streaks of fire lash down. A fiery bolt arrows onto your head and you brace for the shock of pain. 

Instead, it feels as if a cloak has wrapped itself tightly around you and an indescribable force jolts through your body.

It is undeniable. His Spirit is here with you, filling every part of your being. A heat burns in your chest. A certainty of God’s love saturates you with joy. It feels like those times when you and Jesus were together…and yet this is more intense, not like he is by your side, but within you.

Laughter And Cheers Of Delight

The elation rises. You know who Jesus truly is and you cannot bear to keep it contained any longer. You shout his name in praise. Your words, however, sound different to the way you expected.

For the first time you become aware of your companions in the room. They too are shouting with ecstatic expressions on their faces. They must feel it too. You hear their words. It is not their normal tongue and yet you clearly understand them.

"Jesus Christ is Lord!" someone yells.

"He rose from the grave!" declares another.

Your eyes connect with those of your friends. The wind still swirls and yet laughter and cheers of delight are woven into the turbulence. There is now no need for quiet, no fear of discovery, no desire to hide away. You know the truth and must proclaim it.

The gale subsides and the room settles. A buzz of excitement ripples through the air. All around you, eyes are gleaming.

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