Piano Tiles, Affirmation and Encountering God

Author: Hannah Heath

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Piano Tiles, Affirmation and Encountering God

Hannah Heath, from theASCENT youth discipleship process, shares how using the Piano Tiles app helped her reflect on affirmation and encountering God's love.

Occasionally I play a session of piano tiles, which is an app where I get to tap out my favourite songs.
If you get close enough to the line, ‘perfect’ pops up on the screen. At this, I feel a little warmth in my heart, which may sound extremely silly. The fact is, as a bit of a people-pleaser, I love to be affirmed.
Once or twice, I have played piano tiles and enjoyed the affirmation a bit too much. However, it’s not because I have a lack of people to affirm me. I am surrounded by many amazing people who affirm me regularly.
Affirmations can quickly get drowned out by negative comments people make, or I make about myself. Or I can believe people think of me a certain way, even though they have never voiced anything negative.

I believe this is called overthinking.

Going Back To The Source

For many of us, this comes from not being confident enough in our identity.

Many people have told me how confident I am-and they are right, most of the time. However, my confidence in my identity can be stretched thin sometimes; I start to second guess how people see me, letting their opinions control me. This is never good.
The way to combat this is to go back to the source-Jesus.
God made us. Many of us have heard this before, yet we can often forget this simple but true fact, and the gravity it holds. God made us unique, and He calls us to encounter ourselves in Him. He wove together our identity from the beginning of time, not missing out even a single stitch.
He knows our every thought, emotion, dream, failure and victory before it even passes to be. He knows us through and through, better than we even know ourselves.
Jesus wants to reveal all of His truths to us, about our identity, our questions, our life and about Him! He knows our true desires, for He put them there.

A Reckless Love

The Lord does not make mistakes, so you and I are definitely not, because He’s a perfect Father. He loves us so completely that it would not be possible for Him to love us even 1% more, or 1% less. It’s 100% perfection.

Jesus’ love for us is so completely reckless, not giving even a thought to Himself. Every moment of every single day, He chases after us, offering His love, radiating hope and brimming over with this LOVE.
He loves us so much that every time we turn away, even the slightest, we would think His heart irredeemably broken. That’s a lot of times to get heartbroken.

Yet every second of every day, He comes, full of that same love, into all our broken places. Cracks are not the end; they are merely a window for Jesus to shine His light through and bring healing.
This is the love we can be secure in, the love that constantly affirms us.  It leaves no room for other negative voices to hold a place in our hearts.

Going Through Our Problems With Jesus

Just as Jesus pulled Peter out of the water when he started losing faith and sinking, (Matthew 14:25-33) Jesus gives us His hand to go through the hard times together.
He makes our problems His problems, so we don’t have to go through them alone.

Every time we pray, we encounter God. Every time we encounter God, we can let go of those voices and be filled with the only voice that matters-His voice. We can hear Him tell of His great love for us.

So, I have now deleted piano tiles, because the only voice that matters is my heavenly Father’s, who whispers love over our lives. We hear this most tangibly when we spend time with Him - and I encourage you to do this now.
Be expectant, because it is life-changing. Go and encounter Him, and always remember- you are an amazing and beloved child of God.

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