Poems Of Life, Hope and Light

Author: Julie Hughes and Brenda Ackroyd


Poems Of Life, Hope and Light

In uncertain days, Julie Hughes and Brenda Ackroyd share poems to bring the hope and joy of the Gospel to life.

Ebb And Flow

By Julie Hughes

In the ebb and flow of life

In the shifting sands of time

When we feel submerged and overwhelmed

When every aspect of our existence seems

inconstant, ever-changing

Look for the colours of the dawning sun

The beauty of the setting sun

The delightful warmth of the mid-day sun

And know that He never changes

Know that life's Creator stands firm

And know that He, our God, is the rock...

He cannot be moved

He cannot be broken

He cannot fail us

He is life, hope and light

He is day, noon and night

And He loves you and you and you.


By Brenda Ackroyd

You put the brakes on, Lord.

You stopped us in our tracks.


All the pell-mell forward motion,

Working, selling, gaining, winning,

Climbing, rushing, buying, spending.


You put the brakes on, Lord.

We almost heard their squeal,

And shook as carriage after carriage

Jolted down the line.


Disrupting all the exploitation,

Digging, mining, burning, spoiling,

Using, dumping, felling, wasting.


You put the brakes on, Lord.

You stopped us in our tracks.


All those theories of expansion,

Earning, spending, flying, meeting,

Building, gaining, driving, wrecking.


You put the brakes on, Lord.

We looked out 

Through windows.


Was it the first time we saw?

The trees massacred?

The oceans poisoned?

The islands flooded?

The forests burned?


You put the brakes on, Lord.

You stopped us in our tracks.


We saw the cracks in heating earth

And crops rotting in rain.

We saw people driven from homes

Clinging to boats at sea.

We saw the destitute on streets

And those who didn’t care.

No wonder, Lord, 

When the virus came,

You let it stop us

In our tracks.


Will we just re-start the engine?

Or, disoriented, will we,

Dazed by the experience,

Open all the carriage doors,

Climb out and look 

With new eyes on your earth?


You put the brakes on, Lord.

You stopped us in our tracks.


Help us change direction, Lord.

To give our children futures.


Turning, changing, weeping, learning,

Saving, sharing, mending, planting,

Giving, loving, tending, caring.

You put the brakes on, Lord.

You stopped us in our tracks.

The Glass House

By Julie Hughes

There’s a glass house on the hill – resplendent in light.

The fields are luxurious green, fresh and grassy.

Lights are twinkling, dazzling the eye;

Reflecting colourful shards of pink and red and blue and soft-sun gold.

They peak and fall away.


I hear bells ringing – sweetly, gracefully.

Is this a church, calling us from the mountain top?!


The sky is a rich blue, with pink-white candyfloss puffs here and there.

Singing voices catch the breeze –

Uplifting, resonating, and ricocheting against the frame of glass.


I search the picture for more – more beauty; to find more detail, I look closely.


A flag is flying – up high on the mountain side –

It is red on white: a cross.

It dances in the above the clouds, billowing softly.

A horseman rides up to the beautiful structure and dismounts.


Who is this rider? He looks like Jesus – long-flowing brown curls, a knight’s cape 

around his shoulders, a standard-bearer of glittering gold, firmly in his hand…

He surveys the landscape –

his majesty clear for all to see!


And he enters in; the horse rests at ease, untethered; free.


‘Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!’

‘He is here – the Prince of Glory; the Prince of Peace; the King of Kings!’

I want to climb the hill and enter the Palace of Light!

I struggle and fall. I struggle and fall. I struggle and fall.

But still I climb towards the light.

He sees me and angel wings descend.

They lift me and carry me to His arms.

I am bathed in extraordinary, energising colours of radiant light – His light!


Jesus says: ‘Come, my child – you are home.’

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