Prayer In Our Virtual Century

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Prayer In Our Virtual Century

Christian social media prayer network Hozana is helping Christians to connect, pray and make a difference.

Over the last century, humanity has developed the greatest network of communication in history: the Internet. Every day over 4 billion people log in to chat, work, share ideas and much more.           

However, the undeniable essence of the internet remains unchanged across the multitude of uses: connection. The sole purpose of Ithe internet is to connect us to one another and to be together.

Many of us are familiar with the new evangelisation:how, in this day and age, social media and the power of the internet must be used to encounter people and announce the good news of God's love. These are the new streets, the new plazas and the new shopping centres.


Whilst this new way of communication cannot replace the authenticity of face-to-face encounters, it does allow us to reach and connect with each other in new ways.


I believe it is time to use social media as a homebase for Christianity, as well as a battlefield.


Praying In Community

We Christians are called to live and especially to pray in community like the first Christians did in Jerusalem (Acts 2).

When he taught his disciples how to pray, Jesus used the plural instead of the singular, referring to God as “our” Father and asking Him to feed “us”, forgive “us” and deliver “us” (Matthew 6).

Since the time of Jesus, we have united in prayer. Recently the free social network of prayer, Hozana, allows us to do so in a new way: through the digital world.


What about joining in prayer with thousands of other believers to pray with God's little flower by receiving a quote daily from the diary of St. Therese? Or perhaps you would like to be formed in using the charisms of the Holy Spirit, and pray together for a new outpouring of His gifts with the Holy Spirit House community, by receiving a prayer and meditation every Friday?


To this unorthodox method of prayer, it is  normal that the question should arise: “Are these prayers pleasing to God?” To which the answer is: “Yes, they are!” Proof of this is the undeniable speed of God's answers to prayers.


Answers To Prayers

One example is that of a mother praying for her son to find a job. The young man had been unemployed for 5 years, ever since he graduated from university. He was offered two contracts the day his mother finished a novena on Hozana. Another example is a gentleman who received an offer from a job he had not even applied for, after praying for this intention in a community of prayer in Hozana.

The list of these testimonies goes on and on. These fruits should help us to recognise that this way of prayer is indeed blessed and encouraged by Jesus, as he invites us to judge all works by their fruits.


I invite you to use these tools that technology has placed in our hands to strengthen our faith and to support each other in prayer as the priests, prophets and kings of this generation.


In the words of Thomas Delenda, the French founder of Hozana: “In Hozana, we firmly believe that prayer can and will change the world. Amen! 


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