Review: "You" by One Hope Project

Author: Andy Drozdziak

Picture: One Hope Project

Review: "You" by One Hope Project

"You" by One Hope Project is passionate, creative and joyous, says CCR Web Editor Andy Drozdziak.

You, the new album from One Hope Project, has been eagerly waited since the excellent Let It Sound (2017) confirmed One Hope as a real asset to the worship movement in the Church.

It’s an album which does not disappoint. Passionate praise anthems stand alongside quiet and reflective worship songs.

For those unfamiliar with One Hope Project, they are a group of friends in their twenties who developed a passion for worship through the Celebrate conferences.

An Infectious Energy

Freedom, unity and God’s faithfulness, are themes which crop up throughout the 17 tracks. They are delivered with an infectious energy which will appeal to young and old alike.

It begins brilliantly with For Love- a joyous proclamation of the love of God revealed in Jesus, which will surely be sung with passion at conferences and worship events: “You are the Almighty One/You sent Your only Son/All for love.”

It’s a great start, building up momentum to some heartfelt and passionate worship moments. Better In His Presence, for example, boldly declares the freedom found in Christ, whilst Everything  expresses a soul’s longing and love for God: “Where would we be without You..You are everything”. 

Listen here to For Love:

Vulnerability and A Heart For Unity

A change of tone comes with Awake My Soul, a beautiful, vulnerable song which tells of a determination to overcome fear and soar through the freedom God gives. “No more fear/I’m gonna take my place in heaven’s symphony.”

There is also an element of challenge in this track, to be brave in being yourself-a unique child of God: “I was created as a voice not an echo."

Their heart for unity is wonderfully expressed in a powerful song called One-the best song on the album. It's a passionate anthem of hope, echoing Jesus' prayer for unity in John 17. Listen out, too, for Pope Francis.

Somehow this song for unity goes beyond the divisions in the Church-it's a prayer for all humanity to come together as God's beloved children: "This is our cry/this is our song/that we would be one with You, Father, Spirit, Son."

Variety and Intimacy

A variety of musical styles are present throughout. Resonantia is a powerful, soaring instrumental which would make a perfect soundtrack to a video clip illustrating the power and glory of the risen Jesus.

Meanwhile, the tender cry of a heart which yearns to connect with God is vividly present in Come Close, a simple guitar accompanying a fragile voice which seeks God alone: “This moment is ours/ I won’t rush away, Jesus.”  It’s a song which will make you yearn for quiet, precious moments with Jesus.

One Hope Project, of course, are well known for their creativity, and this album is no exception. You is a spoken word poem, whilst All Things New repeats one single line throughout: ‘You make all things new, all things new.

The effect of this repetition is to gradually become aware of the renewal of the Holy Spirit and God’s action in your heart. 

Who is against me? recalls the rhythm of Lionel Richie, as well as the movement and dance vibes of  The Lord Reigns from Let It Sound. It’s a joyful expression of hearts that are in love with their Creator.

Keeping the Focus on Jesus

One Hope Project show a desire throughout to divert attention from themselves and keep the focus on Jesus and His kingdom, reflected in the title: YOU.

Produced with the help of Jonny Bird, who has worked with Martin Smith of Delirious?, You sounds professional and polished. More than this, though, it is prayerful and authentic.

It is not always easy to communicate how God’s love has touched our lives, but these songs express it very effectively. It’s an album to listen to again and again-a real triumph.

St Augustine once said: “Come, Lord, stir us up and call us back. Kindle and seize us. Be our fire and our sweetness. Let us love. Let us run."   You will stir your heart to worship, fill you with God’s fire and cause you to run into His presence.

If you buy any worship album this year, make sure it’s this one.

  • "You" is available now through  Amazon or the One Hope Project  website

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