Blessing The World: CCR Conference 2023

Author: Maria Heath

Blessing The World: CCR Conference 2023

CNSC chair Maria Heath shares the vision which is leading up to an exciting CCR gathering in July 2023-and you're invited.  

The CNSC are excited to announce that, on Saturday 1st July 2023, we will be having a day conference for the whole family of Catholic Charismatic Renewal. At our recent leaders’ gathering at Euston, it was beautiful to have so many different communities and movements from around the country represented. We hope that the gathering in July 2023 will bring together all the different expressions of CCR, coming together in unity and giving us the opportunity to praise the Lord, hear his Word, be encouraged and empowered and strengthened for the mission Jesus has entrusted to each one of us.

When I was first elected to be the then Chair of the National Service Committee (NSC) for CCR, I received a prophetic dream where the Lord invited us to gather people into 5 different rooms, where we would be strengthened and refreshed, and the Lord would begin to do a new thing. Then from there, he called us into one big place. The strength of the praise as we all gathered from such a diversity of ministries, communities, movements and prayer groups was immense; and that blessing would go from that place and impact the Church in this country and the world.                         .

In July 2023, we will praise the Lord, hear his word, be encouraged, empowered and strengthened for the mission Jesus has entrusted to each one of us.
-Maria Heath

 GO WITH GREATER STRENGTH                          
I shared this dream with the others and we discerned that we should have five regional gatherings called ‘Go with Greater Strength’, where we reflected on words from Nehemiah and Ezra about re-building the walls of the Temple. After these gatherings came to an end, the one new service for CCR worldwide was announced by Pope Francis and Catholic Charismatic Renewal International Service (CHARIS) was established. As well as the Charis International Service of Communion (CISC), each continent has a Charis Continental Service of Communion (CCSC) and each country has a Charis National Service of Communion (CNSC).

Recently, the Lord reminded me about the end of that prophetic dream and I felt the Lord say to me ‘Now is the time!’ After prayer and discernment, we as a group are moving forward with this invitation to gather together. We have booked the Bethel Centre in West Bromwich on 1st July 2023. More details, including times, speakers, and so on will be released soon. We will also have streams for children. We have booked the venue in faith and we would really ask you to:
 1. Pray for the event. 2. Save the date (details of how to book will follow in the next 6 weeks we hope!) 3. Invite others, bring a carload- or, even better, a bus load!

So, whether you are a small prayer group or a big ministry, whether you are a community, a movement, a family or an individual, we invite you to come. Let’s gather together as the diverse family of CCR in England and Wales, so that we can be a greater blessing to the Church and the world and fulfill that great commission to ‘go make disciples of all nations’ (Matt: 28).   

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