Seeking God's Heart: Prophetic Intercession Part 1

Author: Ros Powell

Picture: Public Domain

Seeking God's Heart: Prophetic Intercession Part 1

In the first of two articles on prophetic intercession, Ros Powell underlines the importance of listening and surrendering to God.

Prophetic intercession is the direction for our times as it reveals the Lord’s heart through the workings of the Holy Spirit. The purpose of prophetic intercession is to enter into the will of God, on the earth, so that lives are changed and communities, towns and cities transformed.

When we prophesy, we communicate with God and listen to Him share the secrets of His heart and His strategies. The word intercession simply means to pray or intercede on behalf of someone else.

However, intercessory prayer extends beyond this, since we are not praying from our own heart, but the Lord’s heart.  Praying prophetically means laying down our agenda and petitioning God for His agenda, His mind and His will.

We have to be dependent on God, listening closely in order to act on His divine inspirations. The more we press into His presence; the more the Holy Spirit will direct and guide us.

Stepping Out In Faith

The hardest part is stepping out in faith. Once you take that step, the more prophetic revelations will be revealed; like a box of tissues, when you pull out one, more will follow. 

Prophetic intercession is an amazing gift from God and we are often led to pray this way at our prayer group, which meets twice a week in Stoke-on-Trent-a lively charismatic meeting.

Early on, we were shown that, as well as the Monday prayer group, the Lord wanted us to spend time really listening to Him. On Friday mornings, a smaller group of mature Christians gather, from a variety of denominations, to seek the heart of Jesus.

God brought us together to seek His heart, and by His grace we have developed and grown. The Lord revealed a new direction for our group and our meetings became a ‘listening to the Heart of Jesus’ meeting.

The Holy Spirit leads and directs our prayers according to His will and the meeting finishes when the Holy Spirit finishes.

Laying Down Our Agendas

We begin by surrendering to God and laying down our own agendas. We praise and worship spontaneously and ask the Lord to reveal His heart, which is usually preceded by a time of silence.

After the silence, we are encouraged to share what we have received from the Lord. A scribe writes down what the Lord is revealing.

We often find that what someone assumes to be insignificant is usually a key contribution: we are never discouraged from sharing as the Holy Spirit gathers the fragmented parts of the puzzle from each person. He pieces them together, revealing the heart of the Lord.

A lady once received this scripture that she insisted we listen to very carefully: “He who clings to worthless idols forfeits the grace that could be theirs.” (Jonah 2:8) This ministered to me and someone else in the group. 

We prayed and asked the Lord what idols we had in our lives. For two of us, it became very clear that our idols were our jobs (we were college lecturers). Within twelve months, we had both left our well-paid posts and embarked on a new adventure in ministry.

How Privileged We Are

On another occasion, a Pentecostal brother, who normally did not receive pictures, shared a picture of himself designing letter boxes, none of which were quite at the right height.

As he shared, I was shown what it meant.

I had been struggling with a prophetic word I had received for someone, which had not been received well when I shared it. This brother’s picture was the Lord’s way of showing me that, when I receive a prophetic word, I am only the postman-and not responsible for what people make of it.

How privileged we are that God allows us to hear and experience Him through mental impressions, pictures, scripture verses, open and closed visions, words of knowledge in our own bodies and hearts-and even receiving the inner voice or audible voice in our emotions.

  • Ros Powell is a Christian Evangelist. You can find out more about her work here:

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