Small Things With Great Love

Author: Jenny Travasso

Picture: Jenny Travasso

Small Things With Great Love

Jenny Travasso felt anxious when a new lockdown was announced, but returning to God's love inspired her to be God’s listening ears and helping hands.

This year, 2020, has been a rollercoaster, affecting people in different ways at different times. We can be God’s ears in the world, listening for where the needs are, when we’re prepared to ask others genuinely how they are doing.

As talk increased about a second lockdown and Covid getting more of a grip, as well as the uncertainty surrounding the American presidential elections, I could feel some anxiety rising.

I became quite emotional for a few days. I felt unable to relax, very sensitive and grouchy, and a bit useless. I was checking the news and my phone too much, which was not healthy. I had to return to God’s truth:  “Be still and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10)

This is a verse I have mulled over for years; it is great for when we slow down, and when concerns overtake us.

Reaching Out To Help Others

These things help me if I feel a bit low: expressing gratitude for all the good things in my life, going on countryside dog walks, which we often call “awe walks” as we marvel at what is around us; baking; quality time with family; talking to good friends; prayer journaling; listening to praise music; and recognising what difference I can make.

When I felt myself again, I was able to reach out to help others. I also offered a listening ear on Facebook. Here are just some of the different needs I recently came across-and how I responded:

Listening to our team of music therapists.

A mum with a child with severe special needs who fits multiple times daily and is extremely clinically vulnerable, was feeling really disappointed and frustrated as her child was no longer allowed to return to school: I could just listen to how she felt.

A friend who is a single mum and made redundant last lockdown was very low, but I could take her daughter who loves animals on dog walks.

Another person was feeling very anxious about sending her children back to school as she cares for vulnerable relatives. Her husband is currently furloughed bringing with it other worries. She felt no one understood her position and thanked me for reaching out to her.

A family where all 6 had Covid; I could not do much, but just sending them a text and offering any assistance showed they were not alone. 

We are particularly noticing adults with learning disabilities who are feeling very isolated.  

I also listened to my hairdresser about how she was scared of getting depressed again in lockdown and how she needed to put in more routine this time. 

Another friend who works in a school felt she had lost her spark totally in half term. I was able to give her a little care package of chocolate and bubble bath.

 "I'm Glad To Have Lived Through This Year"

This quote by Mother Teresa hangs on our kitchen wall :

“We cannot all do great things for the world, but we can do small things with great love.”

There are so many needs and issues, and we all have our own moments of vulnerability and worries, be it health, financial, family, work or lack of work.

Even though it has had its many challenges and disappointments, and there is still much uncertainty, our teenage son says that he is glad to have lived through this year, because it has been interesting and memorable. Also, we have done different things, met new people (especially in our road after we set up a WhatsApp group to offer support), helped people in different ways, and been able to live more simply. These are lots of positives.

I believe that we can use this challenging time as a positive and use it for God’s glory.

We can be vulnerable to ask others for help when we need it, and we can be God’s listening ears and helping hands in the world, sharing His love with our neighbours.

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