Stand Up For Life!

Author: Paschal Uche

Picture: Massachusetts Citizens For Life

Stand Up For Life!

Paschal Uche explores God's call for us to be pro-life and say "YES".

You are irreplaceable-and so is your "yes"!

I can only describe the March for Life this year as the gathering of a family, a family united in heart and mind to joyfully proclaim the gospel of life.

The ambiguity of the weather took absolutely nothing away from the unwavering determination, joy, exuberance, and passion of God’s people that day.

We sang, we danced, we chanted, and we marched! Maybe we were ridiculed by some and derided by others, but we remained at the end as we had began at the beginning.

In St Paul’s words, we were "not ashamed of the gospel”, profoundly convicted that life begins at conception with no exception.

Why should we be actively pro-life? Why should we march through London, praying outside abortion clinics, challenging colleagues, family and friends to be pro-life as well? For this simple reason: our "yes" saves lives.

Our "Yes" To The Lord

I have had the tremendous privilege of working with 40 Days For Life in Birmingham. I have seen firsthand how our "yes" has saved lives, a "yes" that continues to save lives and a yes which, I truly believe, will continue to save lives.

Even if it is one life, that one life represents an unrepeatable, irreplaceable good willed by God. If we say "no" to the termination of innocent life, it is because we have a deeper "yes".

As Catholics, we believe our "yes" is not primarily for a movement or an abstract cause. At its core, it is a "yes" to the Lord.

Our "yes" to the Lord’s eternal call has eternal rewards, eternal ramifications and a power in the present to manifest the eternal glory of God in each baby saved.

Our Presence Can Empower

Recently secular media condemned Pope Francis’ comparison of abortionists to hitmen. These were not words of pontification and condemnation. Rather he was illustrating that pregnancy can be a vulnerable time for many reasons.

Resorting to abortion, he said, is not a help, but a response rooted in fear. We do not hire a hitman for the hurting or use violence against the vulnerable.

Maybe in our families and our friendship groups, there are vulnerable women who are afraid to say "yes". I believe that our presence, far from condemning people, can empower them.

Maybe your "yes" will empower a young, frightened teenage mother to say "yes" to motherhood. Perhaps your active "yes" will empower a father to do the right thing and stand up for his wife and child against a culture that says you have no choice.

Just like every life in the womb, we, too, are irreplaceable. When it comes to standing up for Jesus, in this most tangible and timely issue, we must ask ourselves this fundamental question: If not us, who? If not now, when?

Find out about 40 Days For Life and similar pro-life causes around the UK-and state your active YES!

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