Stretching Myself For The Lord

Author: Yvonne Watts

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Stretching Myself For The Lord

Yvonne Watts shares how God is challenging her to step out from the familiar and offer something fresh and original for those who are searching.

Over the last few years, the Lord has been speaking of a “new thing” – calling ministries, all over the country and the world, to assess and ask key questions, such as: Who are you? What is your purpose? Some have begun to find answers to this question and are seeing a new vision and purpose, while others have seen it is a time to lay down once precious roles.

I believe He is calling each of us to our purpose. Each has been called, each has a role, no matter if the role is large or small, great or humble. He is asking us to be bold and courageous.

In his book, Strengthen Yourself In The Lord, Bill Johnson writes: “You are prepared for the moment you are standing in and all of heaven is waiting to back you up as you choose to be faithful to your purpose”.

If we believe this, then the call to “be bold and courageous” just may be possible.

Sitting With A Vision 

Personally, I have been sitting with a vision the Lord gave me about 3½ years ago.

I saw a place to serve anyone who comes to the door. A place of refuge for pilgrims, a place to lay a lonely head on the shoulder of the Lord; a simple place, filled with God’s love and acceptance, whatever your journey so far, and whatever lies ahead.

This place is a place for the poor in Spirit, not necessarily the financially poor. It's a place to question the world's view of success. It's a place for those who are still longing for something more, even though they may have achieved in so many ways.

They may have found a husband/wife, have children, the financial security of a job, a good home, cars, holidays, etc. Yet inside there is still a groaning, which they can’t understand; this would be the place to address the groan. 

A God-Given Vision

Here is the vision for our place, inspired by the ancient words of Isaiah 61:1 -3:

  • A place of quiet solitude and a place of community, where all belong and none are excluded. A place to explore with God, our loving Father, the transformation of our souls. With Him, through Him and for Him.
  • A place to escape from the business of life, for an extended period of time or only an hour – to take time and rest in the presence of the Lord, to be strengthened and renewed.
  • A place to create holy works of art, to worship, to inspire, to belong.
  • A place that has a quality of divine aliveness that makes everything blossom and bloom in endless shades of green – taken from St Hildegard of Bingen, a place called Veriditas.

Recently, while at a friend’s house talking about this vision, a man knocked on their door and said: “Tom, I need to give you this money.” It was a small bundle of cash and, when Tom took it, he felt the Lord say: “This is for your friends; it is the seed. Trust me for the rest”.

We believe the Lord wants us to have the place described above, and believe we know where He wants it in St Albans. We trust that He has prepared the path ahead and, somehow, will provide everything that we need to fulfil His purpose.

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