Summer: No Vacation From Vocation

Author: Gez Ford

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Summer: No Vacation From Vocation

Summer is the perfect time to love heroically, grow in holiness and build God's Kingdom, says Gez Ford.

Every summer we are encouraged to relax more, to take our well-earned vacations, or holidays, to take it easy and go to the mountains, to the shore or to see the sights, and sit back and enjoy ourselves.

Many of us take this opportunity to be waited on. We look forward to a little pampering-no cooking, no cleaning and no worrying.

Summer vacations afford us an opportunity for brief luxuries where we might feel like royalty for a week or two.

Jesus assures us of our regal inheritance. We are called to share in a royal inheritance.

The Good News is all about The Kingdom. In fact, in Matthew’s Gospel alone, Jesus alludes to the kingdom of God over seventy five times throughout His public ministry.

It really is that important- hence the need to pay attention, to take notice and to respond to that call.

Renew Our Hearts

Summer vacations are not bad-far from it.  As Catholic Christians, however, we are called to renew our hearts every day, to the call that the Lord has placed upon us- a shared vocation towards holiness.

At a US National Prayer Breakfast in the 1990s, during President Bill Clinton’s administration, keynote speaker Mother Teresa was asked this question by journalists: “How do you feel about being called a saint while you are still alive?” Mother Teresa retorted, “Do you not realize that you too are called to sanctity? Holiness is not a luxury for the few, but an obligation for all.”

This is what it means when we claim there is no vacation from vocation! This is what it means to live for the Kingdom of God.

Do Small Things With Great Love

Wherever we go and whatever we do this summer, we must do it with heroic virtue.

The call from Jesus clearly encourages us to live in the world, but not of it. He calls us not to be disheartened even if we feel insignificant, like leaven for bread or a mustard seed.

This is not an assignment for specially chosen followers. Jesus is calling everyone to live in His love. Again we can take heart from the saint of Calcutta. “We cannot do great things for God,” she said. “Only small things with great love."

Every time we seek to love God and to love our neighbour, we participate in the kingdom of God that is coming into the world.

A Vocation To Love

Our vocation to holiness is our vocation to love, even though we might be overwhelmed, want to give up or take time out.

At these times, we must turn to Him and call upon the power of the Holy Spirit, who will help us in our weaknesses.

We must simply persevere in the love of Christ, trusting that He ultimately conquers evil and brings the kingdom of God to fulfilment.

As the hazy days of summer continue, let us be renewed in our commitment to love.

Let us trust in Jesus, whose ultimate act of love on the cross for us reminds us again and again that the victory always belongs to God, for His love is all- conquering.

His love is everlasting and His love is directed very personally at you and at me, so let us live confidently in it!

  • Gez Ford, originally from Manchester, now lives in New Jersey, USA, where he works as a youth minister.

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