The Film That Changed My Life (Again!)

Author: David Payne

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The Film That Changed My Life (Again!)

The "Let It Be" course is a great way to prepare for Christmas and be inspired by Mary's "yes" to God, says David Payne.

In 1996, CaFE (Catholic Faith Exploration) was launched by CCR, with the encouragement of Cardinal Hume, to tirelessly serve our parishes in the vital area of evangelisation and faith empowerment.

Since then, we have had the awesome privilege of producing over thirty CaFE filmed courses, viewed by well over a million people worldwide.

Each course has been a labour of great love, often taking a year to produce with vast sums of money needed to be raised.

I have had the joy of visiting some incredible places and interviewing many beautiful holy men and women.

As a result, many of the films have been life changing for me personally, as they have stretched my theology and opened my eyes to a deeper walk in the Spirit.

A Nagging Feeling

I had a nagging feeling I was lacking a vital piece of the spiritual-life jigsaw. Two years ago I realised what it was: Mary. The sense of conviction was very powerful.

CaFE needed to film Mary in style!

On a personal level, I knew I was about to be very challenged.

Without a great devotion to Our Lady, I have even held some quite hostile theological positions.

This was all about to change.

After raising £90,000 to make a TV-quality filmed course and book, we set off around the Marian world to film Let It Be.

I was deeply impacted on every step of the way.

A Journey Of Discovery

I will never forget kneeling at the base of the great Basilica of the Annunciation in Nazareth where our world changed forever as God entered the womb of a young teenager in response to her courageous “Let it be”. Or touching the traditional spot where Jesus was born in humble Bethlehem.

We filmed in the Upper Room where Mary served as 'godmother' to the disciples as they received their own baptism in the Spirit.

Then we set off to Ephesus where, according to tradition, Mary lived and prayed.

From here, we followed the well-trod path of countless millions of devoted disciples from the Catacombs in Rome to the breathtaking Monastery at Montserrat in the mountains above Barcelona.

We experienced the tranquillity of Lourdes, before enjoying the great gift of Irish simplicity of faith in Knock and then travelling to our very own Marian shrine at Walsingham.

Tradition And Fervour

How could I resist such a weight of tradition and fervour experienced by so many!

As I look back, I know I will never be the same again.

I have truly met my spiritual mother in a most profound way. I need her help, love and unshakable example of devotion to Jesus.

I need her powerful intercession to help me and my loved ones walk faithfully in the Spirit every day.

I need her reminder of the great gift of eternal life, knowing that what Mary has been given in heaven will one day come to us too.

Above all, I need her daily challenge to say my own 'Let it be' to God's will in my life.

For full details of the Let It Be course and book plus short trailer, please visit

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